Dreaming (spoken word)

A poem to listen to and enjoy by Pamela

Poetry by Pamela


Dawn awakens me
With a feeling you were there
Had I been dreaming?
No, this just isn’t fair.

I’m sure I felt your arm over me
Your leg wrapped around mine
Hearts beating a symphony
Soft breaths keeping time

Was it really just a dream?
Your scent in the bed
And the warmth of your skin
Says you were here instead

I heard you whisper my name
But now you have escaped
Something’s not quite the same
But the pillow holds your shape.

I don’t want to open my eyes
I’d rather stay asleep
I don’t need the sun to rise
Let me just pretend you’re here to keep

But, alas, the sun does shine
As morning breaks my repose
My lips beg you to be mine
While my dreams fade to ghosts

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