Resort Living In Florida

People across the country like the idea of visiting a resort, particularly in Florida where the weather, minus the thunderstorms and hurricanes, is pretty. Many people live in these resorts year around, or for half the year during the worst of winter elsewhere. It is a lifestyle choice for many.

There are thousands of resorts that cater to the fifty-five and older crowd. Many are themed. For many, the ones who live here, and visit regularly, the resorts are like a small town where everyone knows your name (and your business).

There are Christian resorts like Good Samaritan Village, a step down village, where I worked for three years. A fifty five and older resort that starts people off in doublewides, then to apartments where services are provided, then assisted living, then the nursing home.

There are nudist resorts like Cypress Cove, the one my family owns and operates. Gay resorts. Swinger’s resorts like Ranch 4Play.  Thousands of Beach Comber resorts.  Indian Heritage resorts near reservations like Miccosukee. Wilderness resorts like this one near Sliver Springs. Golf resorts like the ones on lovely Amelia Island. Children’s resorts. Family resorts. Disney offers nine such places. They cover hundreds of thousands of acres down here in Florida.

Many things make these resorts attractive, aside from the weather, and their theme. Most are self-contained. That is to say, you live there, possibly work there. They have their own water and waste treatment and waste removal systems in place. They have grocery stores, libraries, entertainment venues; bars, restaurants, dance halls, and theaters, specialty shops, swimming pools, clubhouses, outdoor and indoor activities. You practically never have to leave the resort to live.

There are some way out in the wild “old world” Florida where you can camp in the swamps with the alligators. And others placed next door to major attractions in “new world” Florida cities.

One thing you will notice is the accepted mode of transportation. People bring cars in, but once you have checked in, it’s the golf cart that carries you around all of the resorts’ features. People down here love their golf carts. Many have them custom made. They cover the sidewalks and roads inside the resorts, and sometimes between them.

Here are a few:


See what I mean? People love their golf carts, and are willing to put thousands into having one that is unique. One that speaks of their individual personality or passion. Minimizing the carbon footprint for certain, they putter around from place to place.

I do not live in a resort, but I frequent them with friends. Some of the nicest restaurants in Central Florida are inside these resorts. Do you have a favorite resort? Is it in Florida?

What would your golf cart look like?

15 thoughts on “Resort Living In Florida

    • LOL…I don’t live in one, but they are all over the place down here. Honestly, when the rocket scientist retires…we are hoping to move as far away from these places as possible and still live in Florida. One problem: Like my family’s nudist resort, progress catches up to you. We used to ride twelve miles down a dirt road to get to my Uncle’s place, stopping to shoot quail along the way. Now it is on a four lane highway with a Lowe’s across the street and a traffic light at its entrance.

  1. I want to write a memoir where my one sentence of what it’s about goes this way: Growing up in my family’s nudist resort, I saw a lot of secrets.

  2. SOMEtimes I get tired of walking, but come on, I’m not ready for those walking aids. Let me enjoy my surroundings while I can. Do I want to go to a resort> Maybe, but until I’m ready, leave me to make my choice.
    Choices are what life is about. Hopefully, we will continue to make out own choices compared to being forced into them, 😦

  3. Cute golf carts but not interested in any at this point. I don’t think you mentioned The Villages, not exactly a resort but an over-50 community nonetheless. I am told that public health officials used that site to collect data on STDs. Naughty, naughty!

    • That really sounds cool. I was thinking Lamborghini, but Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, That’s leagues ahead of me! Nobody else seemed to want to play my little game, so we must both be geeks.

  4. Love the golf carts! And while I’ve lived in Florida for more than 2 decades, I’ve lived in areas too rural for resorts. The time I went vacationing to one, we had to keep evacuating the pool because people had bad manners … It didn’t create a desire to live in one! 🙂

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