Somewhere Under the Rainbow

I have been working on giving my main character more character. It is a crime novel, but he’s not a bad ass. His biker friends all have ink art. This is a sneak peek into the workings of my warped mind.

While we were out at Playa Linda, the nude beach, this past weekend, I got this shot of a tattoo. (With permission, of course.) It gave me an idea. My inspiration of the day:

It's a little fuzzy, but look closely at its head.

It’s a little fuzzy, but look closely at its head. Baby beluga or dolphin?


There is a scene in my book that needs a bit a comic relief. Something to mellow the character out after a harrowing experience. I was thinking of giving him this ink art in a place where it might be a bit amusing. Here’s some pics for comparison.

Dolphin left, beluga right.

Dolphin left.                                           Beluga right.

 What do you think? Endearing joke, or too sweet for a crime fighter?

25 thoughts on “Somewhere Under the Rainbow

  1. I hadn’t thought of my characters having tattoos – but it is a great way to get at who they are, isn’t it? The choice of a tattoo is always so very personal. I’m pondering ink now – thanks.

    • The rocket scientist and I seem to have different ideas about who this character is. I want him to be a sensitive and caring man who wants to set things right. The RS is pushing for a goofy character who gets into and out of trouble. I am no Tim Dorsey and Richard Noggin is no Serge Storm. I want the story to have a bit of comic relief, but it is really NOT a crime caper in the goofy sense. A bunch of Florida wackos, yes, with some offbeat behaviors…but it isn’t supposed to be a funny story. Greg wants me to be a comedian and I’m not.

  2. Maybe he got the tattoo by way of a drinking spree with his buddies and they knew he would be mortified. Would he go to the trouble to have it removed. and now someone gets a peek. I don’t know the character but just throwing this in. 😀 😀

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