Old People Boat Plans

The end of an era is upon us. We have always been boat people, from kayaks to cabin cruisers; we have always had some sort of boat. The canoes and smaller craft have already been sold and now we are down to just one. A thirty-six foot Sea Ray, named Phoenix:

IMG_1174 IMG_1115 IMG_1106

It is great for cruising around the coast. But seen one coastline seen them all. One of the problems with the Sea Ray is that it is so big; we can’t easily put it in and out of the water. It can’t be hauled from the Gulf to the Atlantic and vice versa very easily. We have to have a deep water lot to moor it, or pay a small fortune by the foot to keep it at a marina.

IMG_1109Right now it is at a friend’s house 150 miles away. Not very convenient.  Owning a boat is like owning a big hole in the ocean that you can throw money into. The RS is going down to his friend’s house next weekend and cleaning it up for sale.

 Know anybody that wants to buy a boat?

boat 002We sold a smaller Key West, named Down the Hatch, fishing boat not long ago. We just weren’t fishing much anymore and it was too big for some of the places we wanted to fish and too small to go offshore. It also didn’t have a cabin.



Our plan now (the RS’s plan) is to get a C-Dory, a trailerable boat thatDCIM100SPORT photo3 we can easily haul from place to place. They have a cabin and are big enough to camp on but small enough to pull. This would be one that we can take to lakes and intercostal waterways but is also seaworthy.


I tease the rocket scientist that we could have gone on hundreds of deep sea fishing excursions for what we paid for the boats we have owned. (He likes big toys and projects.) I honestly would rather save our money and go on some nice vacation cruises…like Alaska, the Mediterranean.  I love the Gulf and the Atlantic, but there is so much more of this world I would like to see.

This is part of our retirement plan. We want to move closer to the Gulf (near Sarasota, get out of Central Florida and the city) size down and go camping on the water from marina to marina. It will need a satellite dish and I’ll need a lap top to write out on the water. Most of the marinas have wi-fi now.

Do you have a retirement plan?

24 thoughts on “Old People Boat Plans

    • When we sell the house in the city and size down, I don’t really want to end up in a doublewide, but we may have to. Everything is so terribly expensive down here. Trailers and hurricanes don’t go well together.

        • That’s the part we can’t stand though. Living on top of a bunch of other people. We have a nice big house in the city, with a big lot as FL properties go. But too many neighbors. We want out in the country closer to the shore.

  1. Love this … “Owning a boat is like owning a big hole in the ocean that you can throw money into.” I read it to my wife and she responded, “only if you don’t want one.” My boys have pestered for a boat for years. My response is always “we don’t have the money for it” or “and how would we pay for it?” I’m sure the wife would want one if I said yes, but truthfully it is something that would never fit the budget. They think the cost begins and ends with buying the boat, but it doesn’t and they don’t get it. We can’t even afford to buy a boat, let alone all of the storage and upkeep costs. Besides that, if you have a boat, then you have to spend a lot of time on the boat — otherwise it was a waste of money. I’m not interested in something that requires me to narrow my options of what I do with my weekends.

    • It certainly narrows options. My husband can’t live without a boat, but it takes sooooo much upkeep. Keeping barnacles scraped off (even if you bottom paint they come and can ruin all your pipes). Greg and Jeff dive once or twice a year just to scrape it. And keeping it clean…that’s another issue all together. The prices just went up from ten to fifteen dollar per ft per month (my husband just told me today) for storage. That’s why we have to get one trailerable. Jeff is tired of our boat in his backyard (150 mi away) and us not using it. Who’s got time to travel to and from the boat? We need to move. Greg has four more years at Lockheed.

      I want to go places…not JUST on the water, but we won’t have the money for much travel if/when we buy another boat. 😦 This is his dream, traveling around the coast from marina to marina. So I’m trying to psych myself into it. I love the water, don’t get me wrong, but I love seeing other places also…and it is going to come down to picking a lifestyle.

      • A co-worker bought a cabin at Lake Tahoe a few years ago. My response was “guess that’s where you’ll be taking all your vacations now.” Which is exactly what happened.

        Not for me. A boat creates the same pressure.

  2. It’s so funny that you and Marian (two bloggers I follow regularly:) both wrote about retirement today. We don’t have real plans yet. I think we’re both too lazy to actually attempt to pack and try to sell this house. If I moved, unlike you, I’d have to have convenient access to the city. I like being able to get to the theatre and museums. I don’t know anything about boats, but we do live near the Delaware, and not that far from the ocean, and a lot of people around here do have boats. Good luck–we will all enjoy seeing your nautical posts!

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