False colours

Sue always has such a way with words. She shares her experience with being seen as less than. I urge you to read, view the video and see the Cardboard Stories in the comments.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’d been gardening all day and had nipped into town on the way back from a trip to the garden centre to pick up a few things, calling at one of the more up-market stores to look for a brooch to wear with an evening gown; I was hosting a dinner for the Countess who was patroness of the organisation  for which I was working. I wasn’t buying, just seeing what they had before making a decision. The store’s security person followed me every inch of the way. And the supercilious sales assistant did no more than watch from a distance with an eagle eye. It didn’t bother me… I had been playing in the dirt all day and was not a pretty sight. I couldn’t blame them… I was not their usual calibre of client!

I found exactly what I needed but thought I would shop around. No luck…

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