Busy Weeks Ahead

Editing one project, jotting down little anecdotes for another, and outlining yet another, I am sort of between projects but feel as if I am busier than when I am in the throes of dedicated writing.

I am also doing some reading for other blogger friends/novelists.

If it seems that I am neglecting the blog, please forgive me. I read your posts and try to comment when I can, but I might seem a bit absent for the next week or two.

I also have several errands to run over the next two weeks and, if you know anything at all about Central Florida traffic, you know that driving five miles can take over a half hour, so driving twenty-five or thirty and back can be a half day event.

But there is so much beauty within an hour’s drive that makes it all worthwhile.

29 thoughts on “Busy Weeks Ahead

  1. I am also behind on my blogging and trying to find the motivation to do more than reply to comments. This darn fatigue! Bah!!

    But I love all the shells on the beach picture! So cool! πŸ™‚

  2. I seem to get behind on blogging quite frequently.

    Those pictures are gorgeous! I lived in the panhandle for a couple of years, and traffic there was bad enough – I feel for you! I know how those extremely hectic periods of time can be. Hang in there; you’ll be through it before you know it!

  3. I understand about all the other demands of life blocking out our writing and blogging time. It’s a constant juggling act. But hey that ocean is quite a sight on a regular daily drive! πŸ™‚

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