Tomorrow I’ll be telling you about a new book. For the inside story you can read about the main character here.



Well, everybody, tomorrow you get to meet my dear friend, Sarah Phelan. She’s the star of my new novel, Occasional Soulmates, and I thought I’d tell you a little bit about her before the formal introduction.

Sarah and I spent the better part of a year getting to know each other, so I think I’m pretty familiar with her portfolio. First of all, she’s a doctor — a family physician who can’t stand for people to feel badly. It seems to be hard-wired into her to do anything she can to help her patients, probably a trait she inherited from her father.

But she’s not your typical doctor, objective and efficient. She’s a tad eccentric, you might say. For instance, she carries a “Land of the Giants” lunchbox (above) as a purse. She drives her dad’s old Volvo though it’s become a bucket of bolts. Her taste in men…

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