Fall at the Cabin Near Asheville

This has been a wet week, but at least it has cooled down a bit. While Florida is perpetually green season by season, there is a bit of a weather change with the nights cooling down to tolerable temperatures. It makes me nostalgic and makes me miss the changing of the seasons. Fall is magical. These are pics from last year.

We are blessed to be able to retreat to an Appalachian mountain cabin in North Carolina, complete with a huge stone fireplace in the center. It’s in the Pisgah National Forest. It’s not much of a cabin, needs lots of work, but it’s a nice getaway. This is the rocket scientist on the ground with his friend working on the roof. Just wish we had more free time to travel.


The cabin is about ten miles from Waynesville, just outside of Canton, near Asheville. It is three miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The winding road is dotted with waterfalls. Many smaller ones spring out of the side of the mountain and run across the narrow, winding roads. This is a larger waterfall, Looking Glass Falls, on the Pigeon River just south of the cabin on Cruso Road.


There is a slippery mountain river stone down the road where swimmers gather year around for the challenge, but we weren’t brave enough to try it.



The river meanders through the mountain passages around boulders and under fallen trees.


The fall colors set the mountains on fire this time of year. This is the view off the porch of the cabin.



Waynesville has neat little shops where you can pick up local art without paying the Asheville prices.

Handcrafted painted, sculptured gourds.

Decorative hand carved gourds.

Raku pottery: Watching the artists fire the pottery at night is a fantastic experience.  It’s not painted. The colors leach out of the minerals in the clay. We always pick up something from the Rock Shoppe, geodes or crystals.

Raku pottery: Watching the artists fire the pottery at night is a fantastic experience. The fire pit glows red and orange. It’s not painted. The colors leach out of the minerals in the clay when fired. We always pick up something from the Rock Shoppe, geodes or crystals.

The people are friendly and the community has a folksy feel to it.


This is about the closest I’ll get to an autumn posting. I look forward to my blogging friends sharing the sights, sounds and smells north of us this season.



Enjoy the fall leaves.

Does your community transition with the seasons?

How do you get your fall fix?

53 thoughts on “Fall at the Cabin Near Asheville

    • It’s pretty cool. Needs lots of work. Sits on the side of a mountain and looks like it’s about to slide off any moment. It would be in better shape if we had more time. Maybe when Greg retires in a few years we’ll spend more time there.

  1. I love this setting. We have visited friends for a week at their gorgeous mountain house near Waynesville, so I am familiar with the area. Inhale those fresh breezes for me although Jacksonville has been unseasonably cool for the last three days. The slippery stone reminds me of our whitewater rafting experience but a little more dangerous – eek!

    • I love it, too, Marian. I could live there year round if we had internet Ha! You can’t even get cell phone service unless you have Verizon. Nice place to read and write though. Quiet.

  2. Gorgeous pics! I’m thankful to live in the midwest where we get a full fall every year :-). I actually wish it could be fall the majority of the year. It’s my favorite season. I’ll have to post some pics of our fall! 🙂

  3. Beautiful waterfall, and what nice pictures! The leaves changing color is one thing I miss about fall; here in Pensacola leaves don’t really change color much. Some leaves drop, most stay evergreen, few turn red or gold. 🍁🍃🍂

    • You’ll get it full force soon. I hope we can get up to the cabin this year but it’s not looking good. You know it’s funny. The pics taken with my good camera are fuzzy and the ones I took with my iPhone are perfectly clear. Goes to show, the high end equipment is not always best. Of course it helps if you know how to use the camera 🙂

      • We have two around the house, but they’re not doing very well. Every year or so, a beetle turns up in the area (maybe even the state) to attack those trees. We have an oak and I think a maple around the house. The pines, two birches, and another maple got taken out by the storm before Sandy.

          • We were lucky that Irene (one before Sandy) took out the weak trees first. Sandy would have done some massive damage if it had that old maple to topple over. I remember seeing reports on Charley. Tropical Storm Fay was the worst I saw when I lived down there, but whenever my wife and I stocked up on supplies whenever we heard ‘Hurricane Season’. Oddest thing is that we always seemed to beat the locals who tended to think we overreacted.

  4. What a beautiful area, Susan! It looks like a great retreat–mountains, waterfalls, and cool artsy stuff, too! Coincidentally, I’m reading a novel set in that area, Lee Smith’s Guests on Earth–when Zelda Fitzgerald was a patient at Highland Hospital.

    The leaves are just starting to turn red and gold here. It’s been lovely here recently. I’m not looking forward to the real cold and dark though. I’m already waking up in the dark.

    • That must be lovely. Honestly, I don’t know if I could handle the dark and the cold. Even where I was in GA we got snow about one to three days a year.

      It was cool to be in place where the people are actually going through the processes of making the art, to watch them. We have shows here, but just get to see the wares after the fact. 🙂

  5. I live in New England so yes, we have four seasons. An autumn complete with beautifully colored leaves triggering massive amounts of snow. I’d never want to live anywhere else. I guess I’m fortunate that way. I enjoy four seasons, complaining about the snow, the humidity–New Englanders are never happy about the weather. 🙂 But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Get up to that cabin, Susan, and enjoy the fall.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous. The biggest thing I miss about living in upstate NY is the fall colors. I fondly remember my husband’s first trip in the fall to my home and his jaw dropping at the orange and red and green fall foliage as the plane flew over … and it was past the peak 😉 There may be some shift in color in Tallahassee as we transition into fall, but it’s so slight that I still don’t see it. I’m just waiting for the cooler temps, for the nights when I can leave the window open for fresh air in lieu of the air conditioner, and for the later sun rises so our cats give us a little more time to sleep in.

    • I would love to go farther north in fall to see the birch trees. The pictures look like golden rivers. I am all for cooler nights. That’s the most refreshing thing ever after the long, hot summer. Cats are better than roosters, huh?

      • Funny, our cats can be quite annoying in the morning. Sometimes even in the middle of the night, Junior will start howling and Greg has to put him in the garage so we can sleep. Wendy will start squeaking a half-hour or so before the alarm goes off. Really. It sounds like she’s squeaking. Fingernails on chalkboard kind of squeaking. I might prefer a rooster 😉

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