Never Too Old To Fall In Love

I am going to get really personal here, and I am glad to share. This week has been lonely. The Rocket Scientist has been in Boston all week and spent the weekend in South Florida working on the boat. When you have someone you love in your life every day and that person is gone…well, things seem gloomy.

He makes me laugh every day and sings to me songs he recalls from the seventies and then some. His chronic jokes and puns make me roll my eyes but I giggle inside. He’s quite a comedian. He’s traveled the world and speaks three languages. Reads two or three books a week and works math problems I don’t even understand the symbols for. He loves art and music. A real Renaissance Man.

We have been together for eight years and celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary October 3rd.

It is sometimes difficult for me to recall a life without him. He is sensitive to my needs and the feelings of others, very gregarious, humble and warm.

We talk about everything from spirituality to current events. More than that, we both listen. He’s a great conversationalist. We’ve been from the oceans to the mountains together. I could not imagine life without his support. He encourages my writing and everything it encompasses.

I was twelve years single when we met and fiercely independent. I had made my own way, raised a family, had a professional career, and bought my own home. Marriage was the last thing on my mind. We had both signed onto a dating service, Great Expectations.

We had both had bad experiences with dating services…had ended up spending entire days and evenings with people we just didn’t click with. It broke the boredom of living alone, but got us into awkward situations with others. So we agreed to meet at a coffee shop.

We ended up talking for four hours, about everything. I loved his seafarer’s look with the graying beard and when he said he had a boat I knew we would be great friends. I grew up on the Chattahoochee River and spent the fondest days of my youth on a boat. He loved my snakeskin stilettos and complimented my pretty feet and soulful green eyes.

We fell in love that day.

Then he said, “I’ve enjoyed your company and I would like to go out again on a real date, but I need to be totally honest with you. I am over fifty, bipolar, a recovering alcoholic, and technically still married.” (Seriously? That was enough to scare anyone away, but he was straightforward and honest. I respected that.)

I told him very quickly that I did not date married men. He insisted the marriage was for paper purposes only and they had been legally separated for two years. I wasn’t dealing with it.

I had a rule. I did NOT date married men. After all…he could not possibly have closure on that relationship, nor had he had opportunity to explore others in my mind…he was not ready. (I decided.) He left me his number in case I changed my mind.

He says I broke his heart.

I was upset with the dating service and thought he had lied on his profile where it said “Never Married”, but they assured me that it was their fault, not his. They had recently updated their website. He had originally said “Separated” and someone at the dating service had keyed in “Never Married” by accident.

So I called him.

We gave each other a chance.

No regrets!

The rest is history. And it has been a wonderful history.

We still talk. We still hold hands. We still hug every day and say I love you. Forever and always!

 Happy Anniversary, Honey!

 Gregory Dymas Nicholls

I love you!


40 thoughts on “Never Too Old To Fall In Love

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. I feel the same way about mine after seventeen years. When you get the right partner love never fades away. Just think about the homecoming, that will get you through.

    • Seventeen! Congrats! We almost didn’t happen. I am glad we did 🙂 He will be home this evening if all goes well. I think this is the longest we have been apart since we married. It’s really weird.

  2. Congrats! I just read your blog post aloud for my husband. Our sixth anniversary is on October 2nd.
    We are both touched. It seems you have found your very special treasure – as I found mine.
    Happy Anniversary! ⭐

      • Thank you! This is my second ‘try’ and – it works! We might not have this bond if we had met earlier. As you say: The timing was perfect. Wishing you many more perfect years.

  3. What a wonderful tribute, Susan, and thanks so much for sharing how you and Greg met! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. May you have many, many more 🙂 I’m still blown away that my Greg and I have been married for 25 years, inseparable for 28. We don’t feel that old 😉

    • Thank you. I hope we will. It is a strange thing, this thing called aging. One minute there’s no denying it and another it is totally unnoticeable. You have made your silver anniversary already! Congrats. That’s truly awesome!

  4. You know, I’m convinced that many people find happiness in a second marriage that was an impossibility in their first. I’m not sure why it is, maybe just being older and wiser and having more learned lessons, but there is something about that second marriage that frequently seems to work so much better. I’m happy for you that you found your Rocket Scientist. Everybody, whether they realize it or not, needs a relationship like yours.

    • Definitely older and wiser. We both had a lot of growth to get through before we could be present the way people need to be present in a relationship. We needed time alone as adults also, me more than he, to come to terms with who we were and what we expected in a relationship. I was married to my previous husband for nearly twenty years but was nowhere near close to the happy place I am in now. I may get into a funk now and then…that’s just me, but I never really knew what happy really felt like until I met Greg. I am happier now than I have been in whole entire life. He can also fix all the stuff I break 🙂 That helps 🙂

    • He’s a hard one to gift anyway. He sees something he wants and just gets it…never leaving you room to plan. One day, I am going to think ahead and have something squirreled away and hidden to surprise him with…like a trip to Australia or Alaska. I’m working on that.

  5. Happy Anniversary! thank you for sharing this heartfelt tribute ❤ My husband works away for most of the month (he is home only one week of every month) and I miss him terribly so I know how you feel SK.

    • Thank you! Yolanda, it is tough. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it’s painful. I’ll be glad when Greg retires and we can spend time together. I appreciate your empathy. As we grow older and see our friends and family pass, I worry what I would do if he suddenly left me forever. It’s a horrible thought, but I am greedy enough to say I would rather go first because I don’t think I could bear the agony of losing him.

    • Thanks John! I can only hope he appreciates me as much as I appreciate him. He can’t boil water, can’t cook unless it says, “Microwave for four minutes,” on the package, doesn’t know how to fold a shirt and was living out of a laundry basket and eating frozen pizza when we met…so I think I might stand a chance.

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