Amazon Ratings Today

On the paperback copy, even though I’ve only sold two paperbacks, Amazon has the ratings for all the books including the starred only ratings with no reviews:
4.4 out of 5 based on ratings from 47 Amazon customers
Customers can now submit ratings without writing reviews.
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5 star 32
4 star 7
3 star 6
2 star 1
1 star 1
On the digital version it only shows star ratings with reviews:
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

It would be in my best interest for them to leave this up, I think, but why do they keep changing it? I don’t think many people click on the paperback page. It would be nice if they showed the full starred ratings on the digital version page.

That’s seven more five star ratings. But you have to be on the paperback page and hover over the star ratings to see them…bummer.

22 thoughts on “Amazon Ratings Today

  1. I’m a little torn on the new way they’re doing it. I realize people might be more inclined to leave a rating if they don’t also have to include a review, but it annoys me to get ratings without reviews to tell me why they rated it how they did. The fact that Kindle and Paperbacks have different sets of ratings/reviews is just stupid. If someone is looking at my book, they should be able to see the WHOLE, not just the part pertaining to whichever edition they happened to land on.

    • I agree. It would be best if they left a word written review so you do have an idea why they ranked it as such. But they should at least be consistent. They keep changing it. These pertain to the whole. I know they do. I haven’t sold but two paperbacks. But they aren’t even shown on the digital version page.

      • It appears on mine that both Kindle and Paperback ratings/reviews are showing up on the Paperback page, but only Kindle ratings/reviews are showing up on the Kindle page. Is that what you’re seeing?

        • The same reviews show on both pages.
          But the paperback page also shows star only ratings without the reviews if you hover over the larger number for starred ratings. You can’t even see them unless you hover over it. It show 47 stars but only 36 reviews.

    • Be nicer if it resulted in selling more paperbacks. The only way Amazon will sell more obscure authors is to select a few and promote them on billboard page. Their search engines suck.

  2. Interesting. On my paperback page for Catskinner’s Book I have one rating without a review attached, and it’s a two star rating, which is my only two star rating for that book, and on the paperback page for Cannibal Hearts I have one rating without a review attached, and it’s a three star rating, which is my only three star rating for that book. Unlike reviews, you can’t see who left a rating without a review.

    I’m wondering if maybe this is Amazon’s way of manipulating their ratings to bring them closer into line with GoodReads, since I have a bunch of one and two star ratings without reviews that showed up on GoodReads after I made some blog posts about the site.

  3. There is a note on Amazon’s website (not on an easy-to-find page) indicating that ratings are in beta mode. They’ve been in beta mode since May, coming and going on paperbacks, so evidently Amazon is testing this out extensively. (On the other hand, Author Central still says it’s a beta tool.)

    • It would be good for my book so far, but I checked on some other authors and the picture is not so good. Some have lots of one and two star ratings that the reviews don’t show. I don’t know why they would even consider this with all of the issues they have with anonymous reviewers and trolls though. That will turn them into another Goodreads platform and that’s not what I would like to see breeding here on Amazon.

  4. I noticed that recently with my paperback too. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t. There are a few more ratings than reviews but not many. Not sure why they don’t show it on both book versions. Maybe it’s something they’re still testing out and finalizing.

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