Always Listening for a Story

We took a trip down to the boat and went out on the water this weekend. It was long overdue for me. I am reminded why we bought this boat in the first place. The weather and the water were just gorgeous.

Our Sea Ray cabin cruiser is too big to trailer, so we spent some of the weekend looking for a smaller boat. One that has caught our eye is the Nautic Star 210 or the 231 Coastal. These are pleasure boats comfortable enough for the whole family, but also great for fishing. We are thinking of kids and grandkids, but also like to fish the shallows.


We went to the Ft. Myers City Yacht Basin. There are people who only stay overnight and there are folk who have lived here as long as thirty-eight years. The marinas and yacht basins are a cool place to hang out and hear some fantastic stories.

The Loopers are people who start out up north and travel down the rivers to the Gulf, travel around the southern tip of Florida or cut across the Okeechobee waterway to the Atlantic and then travel northward up the coast through the intercostal waterways. I’m sure it is an expensive lifestyle, but it would be one of my lottery winning dreams come true to do it at least once.


Loopers often have some of the best stories. These kind folk invited us for drinks aboard their vessel, Hoosier Daddy. Loopers are a special breed. They are some of the most well-grounded people you will ever meet, yet have a sense of adventure than nearly none can surpass.


Biketoberfest has been going on in Daytona for a week. It is one big party for bikers, but the bikers often travel the state which hosts them in various towns and communities with local bike weeks. The transients make Florida a more colorful place come October.

Lots of fun and lots of stories to be told.

Β Great places for inspiration!

Where do you find yours?

41 thoughts on “Always Listening for a Story

  1. Beautiful second picture. I actually didn’t know that the rivers connected like that, so I can only imagine what such an adventure would be like. I’m sure I’d get seasick, but the changing scenery and interesting people would make for great stories.

    • The closest I came to doing anything like this was when I was eleven or twelve. We had a Sportmaster Ski boat, 19 ft, and we put in in Columbus GA and rode through the locks on the Chattahoochee to Lake Eufaula, Alabama and down to the Gulf. It took us two weeks and we camped on the boat, got stuck on sand bars and cried a lot. I’m sure my dad was ready to get home. My step-sister and I skied most of the way, but fighting the mosquitoes and trying to find a dry place to sleep at night wasn’t very much fun.

      • Mosquitoes always seem to be a problem when it comes to traveling by water. Though I have to laugh about the sand bar thing. My uncle got a boat years ago and I think at least one of its trips involved getting stuck on a sand bar until the water level rose a bit more. I just remember a lot of things going wrong with that boat.

  2. When we took our kids to the Harry Potter concert yesterday we saw a boat docked along the St. Johns, which made me wish to climb aboard. Lucky you!

    Where I get my inspiration? Books, magazines, real life – just outside my window even!

    • Way cool. Inspiration is everywhere.

      Once, I had opportunity to stay on a house boat on the St. Johns River. That was a lot of fun. Gorgeous sunsets almost every night and fish fries every day.

  3. One of my fondest memories was watching fireworks on the 4th of July from a boat off of Jupiter Island. It was a spectacular night.
    I’ve never heard of loppers, but I bet they’re a fun bunch! Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Sk!

    • That’s the best way to watch fireworks unless you are on a mountaintop looking down. That’s kinda fun also. Loopers are a yearly phenomenon come November. that’s when they usually make it down the coast. They have to wait for hurricane season to pass. Everything has to be timed perfectly to do the loop.

  4. Never owned a boat, but had friend with a nice cabin cruiser some years ago.
    Love Fort Myers. Haven’t been in years and years.
    Love your pictures. Such wonderful sights.
    Inspiration comes from the places I least expect. ❀

  5. When we lived in Port Vila, Vanuatu, maybe six to eight boats were usually tied up to the dock for long-term stays. The people living on the boats had interesting stories that I mostly heard second hand. One couple was from Alaska. They’d sailed such a long way from there to the South Pacific. I don’t know how long they stayed, but they both found jobs in Port Vila, he as an accountant and she as a teacher at the correspondence school.

    • Wow! That’s just taking on a whole new lifestyle from Alaska to the South Pacific. I think it takes a special sort of person to up and go like that. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comments.

  6. The sky in the second picture looks like something from a dream. (Aaaand now I want a boat. πŸ˜‰ ) Sometimes inspiration leaps out at you when you’re least expecting it – and the most beautiful pieces can be crafted from the most random ideas. Thank you so much for sharing! xx

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