Revenge of the Pumpkin

A couple of years ago, we went up to North Carolina where my thirty-seven year old son and his new wife were living for a Halloween visit. We took our little two year old granddaughter out to the pumpkin patch to choose a few pumpkins. 


Uncle Bryan is just a really big kid. They were having fun together.


They picked out pumpkins and Uncle Bryan had some really nifty templates to carve pumpkins. He had tons of fun teasing his niece with gobs of pumpkin guts and eating strings of seeds to gross her out.


He kept dunking her upside-down into the nearby trashcan playing like he was going to throw her away in between working on his masterpieces. He’s great with kids and had her both scared and laughing. She kept threatening to do bad things to him like turn him into a cat or a jack-o-lantern. In the end he had some wonderful creations, but his niece was highly irritated and wouldn’t get close to him.

(Notice his nose turning red and his eyes squinting?)

His sister made some toasted pumpkin seeds and Uncle Bryan ate a few handfuls…on top of all of the raw pumpkin he had consumed.


About an hour later, he was covered in hives with his tongue and eyes red and swollen. Turns out he had developed an allergy to pumpkin. He was red-faced and wheezing. I was scared we were going to have to take him to the ER if his breathing worsened. A heavy dose of Benadryl and the itching and other symptoms subsided but his niece had her revenge, as did the pumpkins!


The next day he was well enough to ride the choo-choo at the park.

Happy Halloween!

What’s your scariest pumpkin story?

30 thoughts on “Revenge of the Pumpkin

    • I had never heard of pumpkin allergy before, and he had always enjoyed pumpkin pie and pumpkin beer. I guess that it was raw, but he won’t touch anything pumpkin at all anymore. Lots of fun though. Good memories. Even the scary ones make me laugh now. 😀

  1. In South Texas, you don’t carve pumpkins until the day before. Otherwise, they are melted by the time Halloween rolls around. We have artificial ones with little electrical lights inside. No scary stories.

  2. Aside from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” with The Headless Horseman, this one is pretty scary. I like how the niece stood up to her Uncle Bryan. I think even she would agree the “revenge” was a little too stern. However, the choo-choo train ride assures us all is well! Cute story for today!

  3. Uncle Bryan sure got his for teasing your beautiful granddaughter! Well, I hope it’s not a serious allergy, although it does sort of sound like it could be. Happy Halloween, SK!!!

    • Happy Halloween, Luanne! She’s a tough little cookie. I don’t think Uncle Bryan stood a chance. She cast spell on him. And I do believe she did say something along the lines of, “Well that’s what you get.”

  4. We were new to Canada and our first Halloween. A pounding on our door after supper, brought the lady from across the hall to her door as well. My mother and her both opened their doors about the same time. Horror or horrors, a skeleton stood at the door. The lady screamed as if someone were skinning her alive. The trick-or- treaters (two) laughed and laughed. My mother grabbed the lady, dragged her into our apartment, shoved me out of the way, pushed her friend inside and barricaded the door with a chair. What the heck kind of country was this? 👿 👿

  5. Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever look at a pumpkin the same after this story, SK! Poor Bryan, what a horrible experience for him. I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life, the insides always made me gag. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  6. So glad that Uncle Bryan is okay after all that! What a time though. I had never carved a pumpkin in my life until I went to America and I couldn’t believe the mess or the smell 😮 I got the kids doing it themselves as quickly as possible! The scariest Halloween which I wrote about last year was my first one with my little boy, newly arrived from England we didn’t know what the heck was going on, shut the house up and stayed indoors. I was terrified I would wake up to a damaged house after all the horror stories I heard but everything was fine. After that, and as the years rolled by I really got into the spirit of things and loved it all 🙂

    • You are the second person whose told me that. It must be something to go to another country and have to learn their customs. I have seen a few people with toilet paper rolled trees, but that’s about the worst damage I have seen at Halloween. 🙂 Thanks for coming by and commenting.

      • Ahh yes, the toilet paper rolled trees. I saw that a few times over the years but that was usually teenagers doing it to a friend’s house. It wasn’t easy moving away from home, I was in my 20s with my little boy and lived in CA for the next 17years. No internet then at least not until the last few years. But it’s all about blooming where you’re planted isn’t it? I’m so grateful for all that I got to share with my kids over there 🙂

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