Sign up early for Read Tuesday

CALLING ALL AUTHORS! Here is a great opportunity for distinctive promotion in a yearly event, Read Tuesday, like Black Friday, but it is all about books! Reserve your space today!




I wish I could say more, but I don’t yet have permission to describe what is brewing.

Read Tuesday is a Black Friday type of event just for books on December 9, 2014. We’re building on last year’s success. It’s a FREE promotional opportunity for authors.

I’m working to promote the event. Participating authors and books have the opportunity to be considered for possible enhanced exposure through these promotions.

One or more very B-I-G companies are interested in helping to promote or feature select Read Tuesday books or authors.

This could be very B-I-G exposure for you or your book(s).

If this goes through, only those authors and books that are already signed up will receive consideration.

So there may be an advantage to signing up at least one book soon.

The last question on the Google Docs form asks for your email address in case I…

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