On Selma: A Perspective

Frank has a good review of the movie, “Selma”. See the movie and Read my book, “Red Clay and Roses”!

A Frank Angle

Selma: The movie

Setting: Selma, Alabama, early 1965 during the Civil Rights era

Me: At the time, a 12-year old living in rural Ohio, and oblivious to the actual meaning of the movement, but aware of events at a 12-year-old level

The movie trailer

From the opening scene, Selma is a historical, powerful, suspenseful drama that took me through many emotions – shock, sad, joy, shame, pride, surprise, awe, and probably others. Although I knew elements of the story and how it ends, the film was absorbing and suspenseful. Although it appeared to creep through time, the film moved at a reasonable pace and kept me engaged.

The film centers on important names that I already know: Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, Coretta Scott King, John Lewis, Ralph Abernathy, Malcolm X, Lyndon Johnson, and George Wallace … and some important ones that I didn’t know. I don’t know what…

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8 thoughts on “On Selma: A Perspective

    • I think it is good to see and remember where we came from. People not raised in the South don’t always have a clear understanding of the indoctrination of the separate races. I don’t think we appreciate a unified front unless we get that from somewhere.

        • I had a recent commenter by a young person who was looking for a map of the Mason Dixon line and found it on one of my posts about restaurants during that era. We engaged in a lengthy conversation about how doctor’s offices, restaurants, swimming pools, etc… were once segregated. Segregation was not a concept she could relate to and it was confusing to her that we did that in this country only fifty years ago. Still, it explained her grandparents behavior to know that. She was just learning about it.

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