A Picture of Your Bookshelf (a shelfie) Might Win This Contest

Want to win some really cool books, all of them by Tim Baker, and be entitled to a free signed copy of every book he writes for a lifetime? You even have a chance of being in his next book. Here’s a contest you don’t want to miss. 🙂


Check out this picture of my books, posted on facebook by friend, fan and fellow author Susan Toy

books on bequia

Susan lives on the tiny Caribbean island of Bequia (pronounced Beck-way) and she has been a great supporter of mine, as well as many other independent authors, for as long as I’ve known her.

map of Bequia

Recently, despite the fact that she already owns the kindle versions of all of my books, she bought paperback copies of the entire collection and paid for them to be shipped to Bequia – a process that was not only costly, but slooooow.

After posting the above picture, showing my books enjoying a picturesque view of Admiralty Bay, she posted this picture of the collection in their new home on her bookshelf…

book shelf

…which gave me an idea…time for another contest!

contest time

A while back I held a contest to name my mascot.

blindogg sketch

After the deluge of entries…

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