Book review: Love Aflame by Pamela Beckford: Perfect for Valentine’s Day

There is a sexy poetry book out that your lover would love to find a copy of in his or her email this morning. Score yourself some points. You don’t have to think them up and write them down. Pamela Beckford has already done that for you and they are HOT.
All poetry is personal to the writer, the reader and the recipient. Filled with lust and love, these poems will give you an edge at reaching out to the one you love and touching their heart and soul with words to be cherished. Love Aflame is a sexy collection of poetry inspired by love that will have your partner swooning and longing to be embraced in your arms. Some of the poems demonstrate the angst of being separated and an impassioned desire to be together. They made me think about what it must be like to have a lover serving overseas and the things you would whisper to that person through the distance every night, the emotions of the hungry heart.

This collection of love poems has them sultry and sweet. There are short poems you can memorize easily to whisper in your lover’s ear, and longer poems that will leave your lover breathless when read aloud. Pamela notes each poem with its form and there is a form index in the back explaining how they are achieved for those who wish to understand more or try their hand at their own creation.

5 of 5 Stars

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