Non-Committal Commitments

We’ve had company for the past few days, a lovely lady from Texas that we have known for years. It was nice to play catch-up, but I’ve been sparsely reading blogs and not commenting too much.

Two quick notes: Naked Alliances has been with the proofreader this week and so far only one or two sentences needed corrections. I left off the word a before bag, put it in a bag, not put it in bag. The other was a sentence that answered a question the speaker had just referred to someone else to answer.  Haven’t a clue why I did that.

About my meds: I ordered them from Expressscripts. Don’t let the name fool you. Even though I paid to have them expedited, they don’t expedite processing, just mailing…so they were late getting to me. I thought with two weeks they would have plenty of time to get to me, but I was wrong.

I was without my meds for six or seven days. I decided when they got here, having missed several days, I would start with halves instead of wholes. I see the doc today to let him know where I am on this. I had decided not to make any changes, but I can’t help myself. I want to know.

The Naked Eye series outlines haven’t been touched.

Surviving Sister is waiting in the wings. I went back over the seven chapters I wrote and I’m feeling too much backstory, so I may start over…or I may start something new entirely.

That’s the joy of hobby writing, I have no deadlines and no established line of books where readers are waiting for the next thing. I write leisurely until I put the pressure on myself.

There are two or three stories rolling around in this crazy head, but nothing has gelled quite right, so I am toying with ideas. When I set my mind to it, and the conditions are right, it will be written.

Red Clay and Roses was written quite by accident. My writing is young and I don’t see myself committing to genre specifics at this point. Maybe I’ll find my niche, maybe I already have and just don’t know it yet. All I really know is that I enjoy writing and will keep on keeping on.

Have you found your niche?

Ever think about exploring something new?


21 thoughts on “Non-Committal Commitments

  1. Heck no. I limited myself to science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy to keep some kind of fences in place. There is still room to have a thriller, horror, or crime drama inside those genres. If you only have three stories rattling around in your head, that’s wonderful. Mine gets crowded at times.

  2. I may write women’s fiction one day. Never say never. But for now, I’m crime all the way. Specifically, psychological thriller/mysteries. I love creating intricate puzzles within the murder scenes.

    • Those are fun to read, also. I haven’t quite decided what women’s fiction is. I thought Red Clay and Roses would be classified as women’s fiction, but I actually had as many men reading as women. It truly amazed me that they found it interesting with so many women’s issues. But there was a lot about civil rights in general. I may write more from the era…just haven’t quite decided what I want to commit to.

  3. I don’t know how you keep track of all that! I’m straddling between a non-fiction project that I feel I’m “suppose to write” (don’t get me wrong – I WANT to write it, it’s just not as fun as the imaginary world project) and that has some agent interest and the fictional story that I believe I was made to write. And not making great strides on either! It’s the same way I read books – I usually have 4 going (fiction read, fiction book-on-tape while driving, non-fiction and inspirational) and then wonder why it takes so long to finish any of them!

    • hahaha! Write them both 🙂 I tend to start things, get about three to six chapters in and get frustrated with how it’s going. Hence, non-committal. I finished Naked Alliances, but it has taken a full year to get it where I want it, and there are two or three more to write before I publish the first. Geez, at this rate I’ll be seventy by the time I hit my stride.

  4. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone a few times. Not sure if I’ll ever do it again because it didn’t seem to go well. Fine with fantasy and adventure stories. It’s a good niche for me to sit in. At least I think it is.

    I’ve dealt with Expressscripts a few times. They’re not the smoothest operation when you do something that has any variation from whatever they consider norm.

  5. I like to work on one project at a time, but usually as I’m getting near the end of my first draft, I start to get an idea for the next one. That’s where I am now (well, actually it’s kind of my second draft since my first go through consists of a very thorough ‘outline’). I have to remind myself to stay on the task at hand and not let my mind wander to down the road. 🙂

    • I’ve tried working on more than one project at a time, but it doesn’t work so well for me. I seem to have to get closure before I can move on. I’ve gone back and read some of the things I wrote on Surviving Sister while I was trying to write Naked Alliances and I’m not satisfied. In nursing I always thought I was a great multi-tasker…in writing, not so much.

  6. Good luck with the meds/doctor! You always seem to have a million projects going, so good luck with them, too!
    As for a niche, well, I’ve written/edited books on several different topics. Maybe I’ll explore fiction or memoir at some point, but I’m not sure yet. 🙂

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