RawrLove for Rara

For those looking for a way to help out during this tragedy.

Fear No Weebles

We interrupt our regular programming (I know, I know, the programming hasn’t been regular for a while, I’m getting to that) to bring you this very important message…….

This one is for Rara, the well-loved blogger whom you may know as Rarasaur. As you may already know, Rara has been serving a prison sentence for the past year—we don’t have to get into the details here—she has written about her situation in detail on her blog. Suffice it to say, she was given a bum rap. She’s scheduled to be released in a few months.

A few weeks ago, her beloved husband, whom you may know as Grayson Queen (also known as Dave), died suddenly. He died way too soon and way too young. His last posts are haunting; he wrote of not feeling well and described some troubling symptoms. And then the posts stopped.

DJMatticus took on…

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3 thoughts on “RawrLove for Rara

    • Yeah, me too. She claimed innocence for a white collar crime and the judge showed her little mercy giving her eighteen months, I think. Her husband had been her rock. She was a sunny person, even after incarceration. So tragic. To be separated from your husband and then lose him before you can be together. As bad, or worse, than going off to war, as their has to be so much guilt. I feel for her and hope the same. I’m sure her blogging community will rally when she returns.

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