POETRY: a chance for Poets to get Exposure for their Poems

Would you like some exposure for your poetry? Pick your favorite piece of work and post it with the Read Tuesday site.


Images from ShutterStock. Images from ShutterStock.


Attention poets: I have an opportunity to help promote some of your poetry.

Marketing poems isn’t easy. I see several wonderful poetry blogs here at WordPress (I follow many of them).

I have an idea that may help a little. Any help is better than no help, right?

Here is my idea:

  • I want to create an educational page on Read Tuesday, designed to illustrate the wide variety of poems that poets write.
  • The page will consist of a wide array of terminology for different kinds of poems and features of poems, such as limericks, haiku, or iambic pentameter.
  • I would list the term, describe what the term means, and provide links to examples of poems that illustrate that term.
  • What I need are examples of poems that illustrate the different kinds of poems that a poet could write.
  • I won’t copy your poem…

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