Vote for Winning Book Cover: Narrowed Down to Two

“Naked Alliances” is softcore crime NOT hardcore crime. I recently went through the process of narrowing down covers.

When I first sent out the brief requesting cover designers, I gave the Title of the contest:

Florida Regional Crime Fiction With Humorous Undertones

I was immediately slammed with hardcore, gritty covers. Dozens of them. And designers had a hard time wrapping their heads around “crime with subtle humor”. It was the hint of humor they all missed the point on.

After the first elimination round, I finally got designers focused on humor, but most went overboard into what appeared more like cartoonish children’s books. It is strictly an adult themed book, with violence and nudity. The subtle humor, even some of the silliness, is aimed at adults.


Before you choose a cover between the first poll winner and the runner up, I will tell a little about the story so you have some context. One of the protagonists is an exotic dancer who used to be an E.O.D. Specialist in the Army (explosive ordinance disposal). The story involves the other protagonist, the private investigator becoming foster dad to a young girl on the run, recruiting the exotic dancer as babysitter and hiding them in a nudist resort.

Now that you have a little background, pick a cover that you feel best offers hints at subtle humor and will catch your eye in a thumbnail on Amazon or draw you to read the blurb.

I need your vote! Make sure to star both covers, so your vote counts as like and disliked.

These are the winner and the runner up of the fist poll.

Thank you all for your participation!

Please vote again, even if you already voted in the larger poll.

Here’s the LInk!

36 thoughts on “Vote for Winning Book Cover: Narrowed Down to Two

          • I know what you mean. In a thumbnail that detail might get lost, whereas the other one would definitely make someone take a second look based on the content on the cover (LOL!). I’m always drawn to color though, and I’m seeing it in a larger size on the poll.

            • Me too! I passed right over the winning book cover as too bland and went straight for color. But hearing the comments, which you guys aren’t privy too, I am learning that people use as many different criteria picking covers as they do picking a car to drive.

  1. Hi Sue, Can I leave my comments here? I think #104 doesn’t say enough about the book, the backdrop colour is too bland and I don’t know what the hand is holding, on a thumb nail it won’t even be noticed. On #122 the bright colours are attractive, but it is too busy with small details like sign posts which won’t be seen on a thumbnail again. I like #122 and if you choose it, and are paying for it, I would work with the designer to make it exactly what you want and what tells the story of your book before handing over your money. Hope this helps.

    • Thank for the feedback Rosie. I’m torn. I think the grenade should look more like a modern grenade and not an old timely grenade. If I get that accomplished…many people feel that is the best choice as it is very simple and the humor is subtle, intriguing them to read more. The other cover has too many dark details that just won’t stand out. But doesn’t really hint at the kitschy humor.

  2. I like them both. The colourful version, as others have said, would lose some detail as a thumbnail, but the gun idea is clever and should stand out. It is certainly the most immediate eye-catcher. I like the other one though too… a lot more subtle and I want to know why the alligator…

  3. How do you vote? Just put in a rating? But you already know the one I like: the one with the alligator on it. 🙂 My eyes always dart to minimalist covers, and that one has a little less on it. Plus, I like the alligator. Gives it that regional vibe, and the grenade adds the mystery element to it. But they’re both good, and I suspect either would fit well. Good luck!

  4. Voted. This is hard. The alligator cover seems too tame for what’s between the covers even as the colorful one might be just a tad too busy. Still, I believe the latter is closer to where you want to go. Just my two cents. o_O

    • You are with the general consensus. I had the designer add just a touch of color with palm fronds, and brighten up the green in the author name and logo at the bottom. He really made the minimalist cover pop. They were fun designers to work with. 🙂 I’m afraid the most colorful one will loose so much of the dark detail in the thumbnail. Yes, some people are more visually drawn to color, but will they click? I’m with you on the uniqueness and humor. The humor is subtle, which is perfect for the story.

  5. I didn’t realize this was a post, too. Doh! I already voted for the grenade and alligator. It was my favorite in the first round and still remains my favorite. Hope you had a delightful Christmas, Susan!

    • It won, so you did good. I’ve had him add a couple of light touches to give a hint more color with some palm fronds edging from the right and left margins. I love it. 🙂

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