A Legacy

Ionia Martin has a new coloring book and and a story to remind us of the beauty around us.

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My dad taught me to draw. In the beginning it was just doodles and random things. We would go out on nature walks and he would point out animal tracks and different patterns in the bark of trees, the shape of leaves and clouds in the sky that resembled animals. He taught me to create reflections by looking at water and watching the way it rippled outward as it was disturbed. He taught me to find beauty in the most barren of places and to appreciate the things we tend to overlook with an artist’s eye.

We would go home after these adventures and he would pull out a sketch book and show me how to transform the natural world into detailed pictures, and as I grew older, I took the things he taught me and made them my own. He was always telling me that there is no “wrong…

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18 thoughts on “A Legacy

  1. I must have been asleep because when I opened my eyes, coloring books for adults seemed to be everywhere. I used to love to color, but I can’t imagine finding the time now. Which is actually a sad thing to say. Guess that means maybe I need to be coloring.

    • I haven’t made time for anything creative beyond writing in a long while. I paint in water colors and oils but have a half finished oil in the studio, (next to my Kombucha), that hasn’t been touched in three years. I keep saying I’ll get back to it, but life gets in the way. I miss the flow of color onto the canvas or paper…there’s something relaxing about the process. Coloring does the same, for me. I need that.

  2. I took the time to color a page in a coloring book just to decorate one of my blog posts a few months ago. Truthfully, I’m not a fan. Reading is my thing, but I have to say Ionia’s coloring book looks tempting. You are kind to re-blog and promote as you do, Susan.

  3. Thanks for this. I have a friend who is very into coloring books. I always thought of them as a time-waster, but now I can see that they are very relaxing and that people probably do them for the reason I play an iPad game or do Pinterest–and it’s probably much MORE relaxing.

  4. I purchased coloring books for my parents last Christmas. When I sat down with one, I was hooked. I found it extremely relaxing. Finding the time to do all of the activities I enjoy is hard. Aside from reading, my love is jigsaw puzzles.

    • I alternate hobbies. Even my writing. I’ll really get into it for a while, then I have to set it aside and do something else. There is probably a psychiatric diagnosis for that, but none of my doctors have issued it, yet.

  5. What a great discovery! Thanks for reblogging this Susan. I hopped over and left a comment on Ionia’s blog. I recently started using adult coloring books and they’re fun!

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