Me: Then and Now, Opinions Sought

I’m going to be shifting some things around on the blog soon. I had a fun photo shoot recently and I think it’s time to update. The pic in my side-bar was taken nearly ten years ago. A lot can change in ten years.

Here’s a comparison of now and then. I had the blond pic on FB and never changed it until I got my hair cut recently. Beneath all the blond lay the gray. I’ve argued with my hairdresser about the gray. Part of me wants to embrace my age gracefully and the other part of me refuses. Should I blond up my top knot? it seems awful dark to me having been blond for so long.

Out of two-hundred and sixty pics, I’m thinking of this one for the side-bar. What do you think? Should I crop it for a head shot or put it up as is?  Would you go with a broad smile or a slight smile?



I decided to stick with the aloha shirts as they are an integral part of who I am and professional attire seemed stuffy. I’m just not the least bit stuffy. BTW, the necklace is the Cypress Cove logo. I wish it showed better in the pics. I love the vibrancy of the colors in the last shot, but will it even matter if I crop it?


67 thoughts on “Me: Then and Now, Opinions Sought

  1. I definately like the last picture with you smiling more! I wouldn’t crop it, either. The background is such that it really frames you nicely and it brings you forward to the front of the picture more. I just like that one, for sure!

  2. Love them all, and the final one best! I recently did the same, as the one I was using prior to this was taken when I was still employed in corporate America, and is 10 years old. Now my photo looks my age, and fluffiness. As I am drawing SSI retirement, I have officially entered the “crone-age.”

    • LOL….I know the feeling. You can see the silver in all the shots. I don’t know if I want to endure the maintenance of coloring it. I was focused on the serene look of the top pic, but the bottom one really does pop with color and personality.

    • That’s how I feel most days. There seems to be a little something off in that last shot. I think it has to do with the light falling on one side of my teeth making them appear darker on the other. I’m probably being too picky about details. You do know editing bleeds over into every aspect of my life now. Ha!

  3. I like them both. The first one seems more introspective though, like you’re thinking about something. In the bottom one you’ve figured out what it is and you love it! 😀

    The only cropping I would do (from a graphics perspective) is to crop some from the left. That makes it more portrait than landscape and that usually works better when you start using pics on multiple social media sites.

    I love your green eyes!

    • Those are Irish eyes from my grandfather. His were brown and his mother’s were brown, but his father’s were green. All my family is either blue or brown. I got the green ones.

      I hate to lose the cypress trees. They’re so Florida! But it will have to be cropped to fit 😦

      Thanks for your input.

      • Keep the Cypress. It’s just if you have to crop to fit on different sites, that’s the most logical spot (again, I’m looking at it from a graphics perspective knowing that it might not work everywhere). Use it as is wherever you can.

        I’m from an Italian background so my family has mostly dark, dark, brown eyes, except one aunt who ended up with beautiful green eyes. I always envied her that 🙂

        • I put the peeking out behind the tree on Twitter. It seems a bit dark, so I might change it. This one at the bottom is the one I think I’ll use everywhere else. It’s happy. I’m a happy person.

      • I always told myself I would go natural when the time comes, but my hair is so long that’s made it hard to do. I like the natural look. The nice thing is, you can always try a blonde rinse to see how it would look if you want to experiment with the blonde again. if you don’t like it, there’s nothing permanent about it. If you do….well, then embrace the blonde in you 🙂

        • There was a time when I was high maintenance and proud of it. Nowadays, I’m about as low maintenance as they come. I had to go out and buy clothes just to have something to wear to sleuthfest that wasn’t pajamas.

    • Thanks for your input, Shel. I could still stand to shake forty pounds, but having shaken forty already, I finally got over my fear and took the plunge. Even when I weighed 110 pounds, I had the dimples. Got them from my dad 🙂

    • That’s what I’m thinking. The last one really shows more personality. I put the first one on FB and the peeking around the tree on Twitter. I’m thinking of this last one for the blog and my author page. There are a few others I am looking at for the author page, but I really like how the colors pop here.

  4. First off, those green eyes. Wow! So pretty. I think all the pics are great. I love the one with you behind the tree too. But I agree the vibrant colors in the last pic are wonderful. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

    • Thanks. I never thought about it until now…maybe that’s why I gave Brandi emerald eyes. I put the one behind the tree on Twitter, as the old one there was peeking out from behind a tree. It’s rather dark though. I don’t know if the photographer can brighten it.

  5. I like the last one. You have a good smile, the light on your face is good, and the colors behind you and on your blouse are attractive. I like your hair. You’ll get used to it. One picky comment: You might want to try to add just the tiniest bit more light on your face for the gravatar. (I don’t know if that’s possible.)

    • I wish I could, but I think that’s not possible. I wanted the tree pic lightened and my photographer says we’ll need to get pics in a better light. We chose evening light as it is softer on the complexion. We’re planning another shoot at a marina in the near future. Maybe I’ll get a better shot then.

    • I only cropped one shot for my gravatar to bring my face into closer perspective. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve got one set up in my sidebar now. It’s kinda nice to see the real me there and happily promoting my writing, rather than a ten year old horribly dated pic from an online dating site.. even if I did meet the man of my dreams there. LOL.

  6. Your eyes are much more clear and your renewed attitude seems do do you much more good. I hope it is like that for you. Whoa, and you met the man of your dreams for real, not all of us found their ‘perfect’ mate at all. Seems your anguish is finally banished by some wizened happiness and joy. Blessed be.


  7. All three are great shots of you, Susan. I honestly can’t choose between the slight smile or the broad one. Your haircut looks adorable. Did you know I owned two salons in my former life? If you were sitting in my chair, complaining about the darkness, I’d advise you to highlight. Because at least you wouldn’t have roots if you chose to grow it out. But really, the gray works for you. It’s so exciting to watch these changes. *Hugs*

    • Thanks, Sue! I had him whack it off pretty short. It was down my back. Donated 18 inches to some organization…not locks of love, though. As looks go. I like the softer one on top, but in a smaller image the smile doesn’t even show. I’m about talked into the broader smile. I like the colors and light in that one best. You just reminded me to call my hairdresser and cancel. I think I’m just going with low maintenance gray. 😉

  8. Woohoo, you stepped out from behind the screen, Ms. Wizard! These photos look great–so vibrant and so happy and those beautiful twinkling eyes!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I’m updating pics to reflect the real me I’ve become in the past five years. Lost the long blond hair and embracing the gray found beneath. I’m at that point where it is too much trouble pretending to be young. Congrats on the book and best of luck with the sequel.

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