Adapt or Die

I’m going through another learning curve, or two or three.

You know how I feel about the happiness engineers at WordPress. I’m still bitter over the whole blue screen thing and how it’s complicated the manner in which I get in and out of my nice, familiar, professional editor. Well, obviously, they aren’t the only ones who get paid to figure out how to “fix” things.

I updated to Windows 10 a while back and that wasn’t too bad of an adjustment. It scares me a little. My computer has become a bit more animated and interactive. Little windows pop out to distract and let me know what’s going on elsewhere and it’s a little disconcerting that it knows more about what’s going on than I do.

Finding my new pic files has become a chore the way it stores, so I’m fumbling around a lot. (This is so telling…I’m a bit embarrassed to share.) Nothing seems to be where I put it. All of the pretty little boxes on the explorer are wasted on me.


not my computer

Yesterday, the RS decided I needed to update Office and Outlook from 10 to 13…he runs 16 and assures me that I’m not ready for that. I was doing okay with it until I opened a pre-existing Word file (my beloved ms) and it wouldn’t let me proceed. It said I had updated the file too many times for the terms and conditions of the Microsoft agreement and needed to re-register. WTF? Never heard of such. Of course I never read that agreement. That took a phone call to resolve…even for the RS.

When I finally got inside the file I was relieved to see that it was okay, but I opened my original edit file from my editor and nearly freaked out. Thank goodness we didn’t perform these changes in the middle of my edit…all the ways Word 13 tracks changes is so very different from the way 10 did it, I would have been lost and fuming. Heaven help me in the future. Maybe there’s just more to tweak, but all the little red lines on the left side confused me…and when I clicked on them, weird things happened, and it just made it seem like a lot more work. Too many clicks needed to get the manuscript looking like it was supposed to. And the comment bubbles are different. I was so confused I just had to close it and say a prayer.

When I was working in Nursing I adapted to change constantly without problem. It went with the job. Every day there were new meds, procedures, skills, people. I thought writing would remain rather stagnant and I could simply relax and write…but no.

And then there are changes to Outlook, so my mail….sheesh, my mail. The blocks were so big I had to scroll through paragraphs, cursing all the while, until the RS decided to come rescue me and change all my settings and tweak everything until we got it looking as close to normal as we could. Thank goodness for knights in shining armor. I have three major email accounts, so he had to process the same changes in all three, and my many folders were safe.

What’s next?

Am I the only one who freaks out whenever forced to adapt or die?

50 thoughts on “Adapt or Die

  1. No. This stuff irritates the crap out of me. It’s almost like someone wants to prove to the world they’ve invented a better mousetrap. All I really want to do is work, not lose three days doing a dance someone else is calling. I use a WordPress app to post ever since the blue thing showed up. It works the way I like it, and it’s simple. At my paycheck job we have to guess what MS Word is going to do next and the redline markups are nearly unintelligible.

    • Crazy isn’t? The RS deals with computer change at work almost every day as an engineer who works on a computer. Just changing his password every few days drives him crazy. It would be nice if wordpress would leave things a,one. I know people who came to wordpress who are going back to blogger because the constant changes are driving them nuts.

      • When I first started it was so easy. Everything worked, and it all made sense. Now it’s confusing and takes more effort. It’s also hard to leave when I’ve tried to make this a focal point for my writing career.

  2. No, you’re not alone, Susan. What you described drives me crazy! I have no patience for it and because of that, I haven’t updated to Windows 10 even though I get at least 20 pop-ups a day “recommending” I do.

    • I got through Windows 10 without too much stress, only because I can still use it like my old system. It has lots of bells and whistles that would likely make it better, if I was only open to learning them, but I’m not. Maybe later I’ll find things that are useful to me, but at least it doesn’t force anything new on my like the updates to Word and Outlook did.

    • I don’t like that I have to go back into the admin panel to update if I don’t want to deal with the blue page. If I just click the edit button, I’m sent to that stupid page, so I have to do a workaround to get back to my comfort zone and it’s a lot of trouble and takes more steps, clicks and time. Frustrating!

  3. You’re not alone. Around the time I switched to self-hosted WP I also upgraded to Windows 10. I found it way more aggravating then necessary, and many websites wouldn’t work properly, including mine, because Windows 10 uses its own browser. I finally had enough and switched back. The only thing I miss is Cornova, the personal assistance. She was really handy to have around. Other than that, they keep pestering to me to upgrade but I refuse. Who needs the added pressure?

    • Cornova got on my nerves. I thought she would help me around the computer, but she only sends me out on the web, which I can do for myself. I don’t use the Windows 10 browser. I’m still using chrome, but had a problem when I was on my laptop in Boca Raton. Their wi-fi and my laptop insisted I use the windows browser to link to their hotel page. It wouldn’t link with chrome. Took me and the RS a couple of hours to figure that out. I just can’t understand how things end up so complicated. I watched your transition to a self-hosted site and I know you were inundated with stuff to learn and research. I prayed for you every day.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’m trying to go with the flow. I think it’s pointless to resist, and that would just put me further behind. My daughter is a mac person, but her last laptop isn’t. She had to go with one she could afford and she’s still grumbling months later. I thought about a mac with my last computer purchase as I hear self-publishing is much better on a mac, but my husband refused because he doesn’t know it and he’s my go-to person for trouble-shooting. I have to do what works for him or I’m really lost.

  4. I’m with you on the freaking out thing, especially with tech changes. My dad upgraded the desktop to Windows 10 and it’s been a headache ever since. The printer stopped working and there’s always a chance my Word files won’t open. The Word stuff is always strange because it seems a version eventually shows up that makes my old stuff a chore to use.

      • Sometimes it does take a while. To be honest, I stick to my laptop and only use the desktop after someone else has wrestled it to consciousness. Windows 10 doesn’t seem to like the Internet connection though. At least here. Ridiculous thing is that the computer is right next to the router and modem.

        • We had to move our modem after some trouble with it. Tech said it was too close to the computer and something about the “wave arc was shooting over”. Moved it a couple of feet away and works fine now.

    • Exactly right. When I tried to open my ms and it wouldn’t let me I was both scared and angry, in a panic. All the other word doc files switched over and gave me access except that one. Who would have thought there was a limit to the number of times a file was updated? I though once you created a document it was yours forever and had no clue re-registering would ever be required. What a bloody mess.

  5. I think it’s a diabolical social experiment, and we’re the guinea pigs. Something about the futility of adaptation … I use a Mac, though, so I don’t deal with this Cortana person, thank God!

    • Hahaha! I shut her down. I’m not a chatty-Cathy and despise small talk. I’m also not one of those women who stays on the phone with girlfriends day and night. Can’t recall the last time I texted. I really don’t like many women I know in real life (I think it has something to do with how materialistic they are) and just didn’t need the company. I felt her an intrusive nuisance.

  6. I am so with you–not too thrilled at the thought of updating my Office package. I’m terrified it will be like the much reviled Vista Fiasco and the change fro Office 2003 to Office 7, where everything sucked honking wongas (sorry for the editor speak) until I had been thoroughly retrained. Sigh.

  7. I use so many different computers and so many devices, it’s sometimes challenging transitioning from one to the other. I love my Surface Pro 3 for web browsing and writing but it sucks when viewing track changes, or even answering email at times. I think I’m running MS 2016 on that one. I use Windows 10 on all my devices so I’m pretty comfortable with it. The thing that really ticked me off is when Microsoft started doing a yearly subscription for their service. I got sucked into that with the last device I bought but I hate the idea of having to pay a yearly fee. Sometimes when it comes to tech stuff and changes, I just have to say “Ba-hum bug!”

    • I never heard of Microsoft charging a fee, but I’m not surprised being as it made me register. I’m just waiting for the bill.And you know they will make the old stuff so obsolete that you have to upgrade…it’ll just about quit functioning.

  8. I don’t understand why the tinkerers need to continue tinkering. I don’t need fancy. I need solid and trustworthy. I keep getting a message I don’t have the latest Office and will save $$ if I upgrade now. No thanks. I switched to Windows 10, had to remove it cause it screwed up not only my laptop (new), but my desktop as well. o_O

  9. Timely post for me because I just got a new laptop. I’m trying to figure everything out and get everything transferred over. Very time-consuming for sure. Perhaps neither of us will have any hair left when we’re done.

    • Oh wow! I for got all about the new laptop…there was that, also. Greg bought me one for Valentine’s Day so I would have one to go with me to Sleuthfest. That’s whole other post. Damn thing is soooooo slow compared to my PC. And then I had to lean how to use Cloud Drive to get everything from here to there. I never used Drop Box or anything like that … so it’s really all stuff I needed to learn, but, man, my head’s about to explode.

  10. The difference between changes in nursing and changes in Windows is with nursing you might have qualitative changes that can actually promote health, save lives, etc. With Windows, it’s just bells and whistles that often don’t result in any qualitative, positive change for the user, especially if the user is like you and me and can remember back to when we did things without computers 😉 All my personal computing is done on Macs, even though Apple hasn’t been above tweaking its software for no good reason but to tweak its software (like iTunes). My workplace is 100% Microsoft and we were recently forced into “upgrading” to 365. How is it an improvement when it now takes me twice as long to find an email from last year? I could rant on and on about Microsoft and the layers of crap I now have to go through to work. The transition has actually cost me time and sanity. I’m adapting but I wonder if it’s harder to adapt when your computer environment is controlled by someone else (aka my employer). Hang in there, Susan. Between you and RS, you’ll adapt, although you may be spitting nails while you do … 😉

    • You know I am blessed. The computer at the last psych hospital I worked in in 2011 for six months was still using a green and black DOS program. It tripped me out. After a few months of that crap working in admissions, I was done with it. Well, that and having a boss that needed to be a patient. The boss who hired me was great…the one who followed him was a psycho bitch. I’m just worried that I rely on the RS for too much. Sometimes I get stuck on something and can’t proceed until he’s around to bail me out. That’s not good.

    • My husband updates everything when he feels I have gone too far backwards to be able to catch up in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve gotten to where I just shrug and say…whatever…

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