Mandatory Follow Me By Email

I love you!

I really do. You’re the reason I’m here.

I want to connect with you, chat, see your posts, and share mine with you, but I have a confession to make up front.

There are some things I am lazy about, and going through the process of digging through my subscriptions manager to locate your blog once I have followed you to pull you out of my reader, which I NEVER look at, and put you in my email is probably not going to happen. WordPress denies me the opportunity to see all the posts of the many people I subscribe to in its reader. You get lost in there.

YOU have the POWER to make my life easier and connect in such a way that your posts will never be ignored. WordPress gives you a nifty tool.

Use that “Follow Me by Email” widget.

Please give me that option.

Put it in your sidebar and I promise you will get more engagement with readers like me who check their email daily. 🙂


35 thoughts on “Mandatory Follow Me By Email

  1. Yep, I’ve got that widget in my sidebar and I click it on all of the blogs I follow. Like you, I’m bad with reader but I click on all the notices I get via email,.

  2. I follow some blogs through email (like yours 🙂 ) but not most of them. I just follow too many blogs, and some post daily, so my inbox would explode. But I use my reader regularly so I don’t get as lost in it. But sometimes posts don’t show up in my reader, so that can be frustrating. No perfect solution, I guess.

    1. I don’t promise I read every email word verbatim, but I like to scan through them every morning and every afternoon/evening to touch base…make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’m frustrated with the Reader, cause I know folk I want to read don’t always appear there. Never have understood that. I’ve followed so many people and never saw them again. I scan a few hundred emails daily. People that engage with me are more likely to get read. I’m not bitter, I know everybody blogs their own way, but I drop people out of my email if I’ve commented on their blog repeatedly for months and they’ve never come by to visit or return commented. There’s a few whose posting is admirable enough or I’ve developed a close relationship with that I’ll hang with even if I don’t see them over here very often. But you know how it is…only so much time we can devote to the blog.

  3. I’m like Carrie, I follow way too many blogs to receive email notifications. The WP Reader is the best way for me to read everyone’s post. Of course, there are the occasional hiccups. I follow a lot of blogs by writers, editors, etc., that aren’t in WP, so I do follow those by email.

  4. I can’t stand the reader, either, and rarely check it. I’m especially interested in seeing everyone’s responses because lately WP has been sending duplicate posts out, and I’m told it’s because I need to shut off the reader so it’s no longer an option. But I’m leery to do that if folks read my blog that way.

      1. Yeah! They didn’t have a 2016-17 so I had to grab the 2015-16. I haven’t been a member long. The next two Buchercon are within driving distance of me and I wanted to be prepared to connect with cohorts. Not to mention all the other special member benefits.

  5. I’ve had the email option forever, but only have about four email followers. I know there are more of them, because people said something that don’t show up as email followers. I use reader, but recently made a list called “Must Read.” This is where I filter the reader down to those I never miss. (I’m using it now.)

  6. I’m the same. I check my emails daily, but I seldom check my reader. I do have the email option. Come on by if you’re not signed up already.

  7. And here I’ve been feeling guilty because I never organized myself by entering all the blogs I follow into a reader as was suggested in a social media class I took. Thanks, Susan – I’m feeling better now and have crossed that to-do off my chore list!

  8. This has got to be my biggest problem with blogging: there never seems to be enough time to read all the blogs I follow or want to follow. In a perfect world I would be able to keep up with everyone and what they are doing, read the books I want to read, blog myself, and write my books. Oh and still have time for everything else! lol 🙂

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