E-Cig Forum Porchers Odyssey I

Upon return from week-long vacation with the vapers who literally saved my life, getting me off the stinkies, I had about 1000 emails. Needless-to-say, I couldn’t get to everyone, but I scanned through them all and commented where I could.

We had a blast with a group of sixteen that had gathered from around the country to share a house on Anna Maria Island. We had never met in person. I took a friend from Texas that we were hosting, and who had never seen the ocean, to the Atlantic before we joined the group. It is such a joy to see the world we take for granted through someone else’s eyes. We sat in Breakers Restaurant looking out over the ocean while we dined, sea breezes wafting through the windows.

She was a hoot. Afflicted with severe RA, she was determined to get in the water. We stepped with trepidation through the sand. Then she turned to me and said, “Hold my stuff.” With that, she marched straight toward the water on a mission. I didn’t try to stop her. It was a lifelong-long dream.

After crashing through the surf, a wave finally yanked her down and the smile on her face was worth a thousand sorrows. She swam and rolled in the water until the waves brought her back to the beach. I knew I couldn’t get her up by myself, but that’s what hard-bodied life guards are for…so I fetched her a couple. Another reason to smile. 🙂

The next day we joined the group in Anna Maria with our boat. I would have never expected to meet up with the most wonderful crowd that showed up at the Odyssey. We enjoyed their company immensely. The laughter, great food, awesome stories of more than a dozen lives shared, and the hugs touched me deeply.

Turquoise water, tropical breezes, sun, and fun is over for now, but the memories will live in my heart forever. It was an incredible, fantastic week and smiley was with us all the way while people marked things off their bucket list.

Odysssey I 083

En-route to Parasailing Adventure

The entire motley crew.

The entire motley crew.

Me waving good-bye

Me waving good-bye

26 thoughts on “E-Cig Forum Porchers Odyssey I

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. Glad you got away. I’m sure the escape was long overdue. And how nice your friend got her swim. I agree–having a couple strong lifeguards get her out is the cherry on top!

  2. It sounds like a fantastic time. As I type this it is dreary, damp and rainy so your descriptions of sea-breezes and ocean surf are most welcome. I think it’s fantastic your friend got to experience the Atlantic, and that group pic is fabulous. Clearly every one enjoyed themselves!

  3. Susan, what a delight to have read this! Yes, we are the motley crew, and proud of it!

    It was indeed a week to remember and I’m just starting to come down from the ‘high’.

    Hubby and I had a wonderful time and these good memories will be cherished!

  4. I remember when I first saw the Pacific Ocean. I had traveled to Ixtapa, México in September 1991 for a week-long vacation. When I arrived, the sky was overcast, but the temperature was humid. I almost turned around and left. But I could see the Pacific from my hotel room and was instantly mesmerized. Despite a slight drizzle, I ran out to the beach and wandered up and down the shoreline for what seemed like hours.

    Humanity has always had a fascination with the sea and other large bodies of water. Life first evolved in the oceans, and the latter has provided us with sustenance for millennia. Water is beautiful and dangerous, yet inescapably vital. For better or worse, we’ll always be drawn to it in whatever form it takes.

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love that your friend got to see and experience the ocean for the first time–and how wonderful that you got to witness her joy. I still remember our older daughter’s delight at being on the beach and seeing the ocean for the first time.

  6. How fun! It’s hard for me to even wrap my brain around someone never experiencing the ocean, but I bet it was quite something for you to witness. The group pic is awesome. You all look like you were having a blast.

  7. Not sure how to log in but this is Deb, (for others I’m the friend she took to the Atlantic) Not my first experience however. I’d been in the Gulf many times having lived in Galveston, and I’d been in the Pacific once, but had never seen the Atlantic. Susan, you really made this a trip of a lifetime for me, and I’ll always be so grateful to you and RS 🙂 Being on the boat, seeing a dolphin that came over to say hello, parasailing, rolling around in the waves like a sea lion, meeting and hugging so many cherished friends for the first time in person was more joyous than I can express. But as you said, even a couple injuries couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I’m still grinning ear to ear each time I think back on this amazing trip and all the fun that was made even better by being able to share it with you and RS! Being able to finally give real life scritchies and rubbins to Daisy Dog and Pug Puppy helped me not miss my Frankie so much. Many hours spent relaxing in the serenity and beauty of your lanai bring contentment even now when I think about how luxurious it was. This water baby/Island girl has been landlocked way too long, so being in, on, and around the water was pure ecstasy for me, that was badly needed. Thank you seems so inadequate, but from the bottom of my heart and with all that I am, I offer much thanks to you and RS. Love you girl!! It was so incredible to trade in a walker for a parasail harness!! hehehe. But next time can we make sure the hard bodied life guards are men?? 😉

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