Happy Birthday Baby

We had a lovely party for youngest granddaughter yesterday.

It was her first 🙂

But my favorite pic is the one of Mama being Mama and swooping her up during an escape attempt out the door behind someone. She was staying on top of things. She threw a great party and I’m so proud of her.


50 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby

    1. Thanks Cynthia. The party went from 10 am to 10 pm. I was whipped. She looks just like her mama at that age, but her disposition is calm and happy. Mama was a fussy baby, probably because her mama was frantic basket case.

    1. We had a good time. We finally found a theme that wasn’t Princess anything and jumped on it. Her middle name is star and we thought that was fitting. The tall cake had a chocolate layer, a chocolate ganache layer with fresh strawberries folded in and the top was blueberry….needless-to-say, I’m still not back on my diet. 😉

    1. It was a nice one. Mama did the full Pinterest layout. There was another corner where baby’s pictures from one day through the months to one year were strung up with stars…but I figured I already went overkill with the happy grandmother pics LOL.

  1. Kira, such a beautiful little one year old! Darling tutu skirt around her high chair and the table is gorgeous, fit for the Princess she is! I have several grandchildren and we tend to go all out for their parties, too. It is fun to enjoy and remember how their days were deservedly light hearted and free!

        1. Roads are scary too with the little ones. Ours is not so busy and a long ways from the main street, but their house is on the corner of a main thoroughfare. Scares the bejesus out of me.

          1. I’ve always wondered how one can raise a child on a busy road and not be worried when they’re younger. We’re one over from a main road and people come barreling down the block to get around traffic or something. Seems busier than when I was a kid.

            1. It freaks me out that my three year old GS can use a chair to unlock all the doors and their kitchen (where mama is) is so far away at the back of their house. He gets out all of the time and she finds him in the yard. I fear one day he’ll leave the yard and get hurt. GM fears.

                1. Our lil fella only does it when mom is in the kitchen. Time out hasn’t worked yet. IMO this is when a whack on the hiney is called for…did I spell that right? She yells at them too much. I think they are getting a complex. I say just pop that booty and move on.

                  1. Yelling does eventually become nothing more than noise. My wife does it a lot and has very little effect unless she hits a certain octave. For it to have impact, you have to raise your voice only when it’s really necessary and not every time.

                    1. I yelled at my kids a lot cause my dad was a brutal spanker and I did not want to be like him. There’s an in-between place that works great. my husband is so sensitive, if I get excited while talking and my pitch goes up, he’ll ask me to stop yelling at him. Makes him horribly uncomfortable. I’m learning to whisper, but his damn ears don’t work so I have to repeat myself fifty times.

  2. Baby 1st birthday parties are so fun! Your pictures reminded me of our youngest granddaughter’s party not long ago. Special memories being created. Adorable.

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