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I got to sit in the red chair today on Lucy’s blog. A fun place to be. She has a great blog with lot’s of funny stuff.


Author Interviews

Welcome to my weekly series – Author Interviews.

This is where I interview authors to find out about the person behind the novel. It also gives me a chance to glean some valuable insight on being a writer.

I am very excited because today I have been joined by author and blogger Susan Nicholls (a.k.a S.K. Nicholls).

Hey Susan, welcome to my red chair. Tell me about yourself and the book / books you have written?

Transplanted from Georgia to Florida, my books are colored with regional elements. My first self-published book, Red Clay and Roses is a Romanàclef , factual with a façade of fiction, historically a novel in which real people or events appear with invented names.

The technique was used in magazines and newspapers to tell scandalous stories without revealing who was involved. My story deals with a group of characters grappling with inequality in the Deep…

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11 thoughts on “Author Interviews @sknicholls1 #authors #writers #writers life

  1. Illuminating interview. You had me at, “…they must go undercover in a nudist resort while the body count grows.” Haven’t stopped laughing yet. Thank you Lucy and Susan. You’ve touched on crucial points about writing. Thank you. 🙂

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