67 thoughts on “Call to Action! Publishing Imprint and Logo Contest #Illustrators #artists #writers

  1. I’m not very good at coming up with names like that. I’ll have to give it some thought. But your experience with agents is one of the reasons I think so many writers go the indie route. As you say, you can move forward when you do it yourself, in a much quicker fashion. Querying is a loooong process, and nowadays, even a contract with a big publisher doesn’t guarantee sales.

  2. Glad to hear all of your good news, Susan. It feels good to get projects done around the house. Hum…as for a name…what about Gone Fishing Books. Maybe a logo with a fish holding a pole with a book attached?

  3. Naked Gator Press… tie it in with the series … though how you’d illustrated a naked gator… especially pressed… unless you make a burger of it? 🙂

  4. I have to say I really like Charles’ idea. The name and the suggested illustration are both catchy.
    Sorry about the agent thing. I think hanging in there another thirty days is a good idea, but then you’ll need to make a decision. In the meantime it doesn’t hurt to get your ducks (or gators) in a row for the indie route!

        1. That’s cool! We might not use Naked in the name. I guess I should have put more thought into this before calling for a contest. Sheesh. I don’t know what I want.

  5. Wow, tee-shirts and swag. I’m impressed. I might do that myself, but I only know cyber friends. I’m not someplace where I could hand out stuff like that. Lisa tee-shirts would be cool though. Gator fishing, bookworm as bait, fins in the water are actually books? I go by Entertaining Stories, but someone actually googles that every day and that’s a plus. What I need is to get Lisa some endorsements. Shoes seem like a likely project.

    1. Thinking of something that people google on a regular basis is pretty smart. And you write a variety of stories. I’m not sure what I want to do. Not all of my writing is all that entertaining. My last book was more literary and philosophical.

      1. I didn’t mean to use a similar name. I was just talking about myself, as I do on occasion. I like the gator ideas. Flamingoes are also something that identifies your area. They are pink, and that’s suggestive too.

  6. How about “Naked Gator Books” – your logo could be a Gator lounging on a beach chair with an umbrella drink – which strategically covers his “man (or woman) zone…

    1. I like that too. 🙂
      Flamingo Bob, the mascot for Sleuthfest does that. They might think I stole it from them, but that’s what art’s all about, right?

        1. No you wouldn’t!!!! You’d be proud. Shark in sunglasses and a hula skirt like the neon shark on the wall of the Reef Bar and Grille. Sharkfin Press or Sharkfin Books???

  7. I’m smiling all the way through this post, but I know there’s a serious question in there. You can’t write because your mind isn’t settled. Too many appliances and electronics coming and going, and roof being fixed, plus the full catastrophe of life, as Zorba the Greek said.

    Potential titles?

    Lagoon Press. But make sure you keep that one word, or it could become La Goon Press.
    Chicken Swallows Alligator Press – which could mean a chicken ate a device called the ‘alligator press’.

    More serious: Naked Books. Okay … never mind the pornographic inclinations of some who see that…
    How about:
    Naked Alliance Books?
    Naked Truth Books;
    Gator Chick Books;
    Catastrophe Books
    … okay, I’m done now, SK!

  8. Gator Alley Books. That’s how I always think of Florida, with tons of gators. I like the Blind Dog and the logo if that helps. I sure hear ya about the trad route. It’s not for everyone, especially the hurry up and wait. It can be maddening, can’t it? Checking and rechecking your email. It’s enough to drive you to drink. Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll do great. Will you do a follow-up post to tell us what name you decided on?

    1. Hmm… Flamingo doesn’t have that crime feel to me. How about Crocodile Rock Press. Blind Gator Alley – you could have the alligator blindfolded with his hands bound behind his back.

          1. Yep I did, but I’m not in an y groups and I tried to find some illustrators groups, but you have to join the groups to post. I’m just not going to clutter my page with that on my personal page. maybe as my author page.

  9. I see I wasn’t the only one who thought of Naked Gator Press. That was my first thought. Gator sounds very Florida. Rocket Gator is cute, too. Or you could give the gator some other attribute–Blue Gator Press or something. Or you could do that with a shark–I’m thinking like Charlie the Tuna. 🙂 Good luck, and enjoy your new washer and dryer!

      1. At least you can’t say you haven’t tried – more than most! Now it’s ‘bum on seat’ time to get all your wonderful ideas down. You know where I am if you want to chat.

  10. Good luck with picking a name. I know how hard it can be. My dream name was always DreamCatcher Press but too many companies already had it. So my writing buddy made a joke, “Too bad they snatched your dreams.” That helped me come up with Dream Snatcher Press, also fits since I like to write suspense.

    I know you’ll come up with an amazing name 🙂 It’d be fun to come up with an illustration to enter the contest. When is the contest over?

    Keep smiling,

    1. I love Dream Snatcher for suspense. I haven’t set a date. I have to make up my mind and can never time limit that process. HA! I have few people working on the gator from different angles. Another did a panther for Sly Panther Press. Trying to use Florida animals. I’m looking for a simply drawn character that is both endearing and a bit menacing. I probably won’t make up my mind for another week. Likely around the 23rd.

  11. I am no help. Although gators do come to mind for Florida, of course. How about ClothingOptionalPress? The acronymn is COP. hahaha

  12. You’ll work it out. I’m sorry the trad pub thing hasn’t worked out. I thought you had it in the bag after the event you went to. Anyway, these publishers are arrogant… they’re in no rush, so just cos you haven’t heard back YET doesn’t mean that you won’t, although sadly, many don’t even bother to respond at all. We aspiring authors are below contempt and unworthy of gestures of common decency and respect, it seems. You have to be really tough and convinced of your ability and your product, and just keep going. Its amazing how many times really famous authors got rejected before they finally made it. Good luck! And stay strong.
    Btw, I think the way to success nowadays lies with being a hybrid author, which means part trad pubbed and part self pubbed.

    1. Yep….I was kinda hoping this would give me the trad experience I don’t have yet. But we’ll see. I met some really nice agents at Sleuthfest I haven’t heard back from yet. So, who knows??

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