38 thoughts on “Artist Needed for Book Imprint for Branding

  1. Heron & Gator Press, I like it. I was going to draw something up, but I forgot. I really think you should work with a professional, you have some really good idea but they are far beyond my skill, and I get the feeling you want it to look top notch. 🙂

    • Thanks, Brad. I’m kinda favoring a more serious logo. We were going for amusing, but with more thought put into it are leaning toward serious. I would love to have someone on board who could draw like Ms. Ward. So elegant and beautiful.

  2. Wish I could help with this, but I’m not sure if I can. Although if I ever complete The Irrepairable Past, I may have to steal one of your Heron ideas since a heron plays a critical role in the story. 😉

    • Steal away. They are beautiful birds and I don’t own the market on their image. I would love to be able to incorporate the image into my book branding ideas. I’m looking at some sketches on google now and trying to see if I can connect to an artist.

  3. I could help. If you shoot me an email with exactly what you’re looking for, I’ll do up some drafts for you. My email is deankealy@gmail.com. I’ll also do it, if you like the final product, for the price of the $50 Amazon voucher. 🙂

    • The image of the heron that is shown is exactly what I am looking for. To have an image of the heron perched atop a gators head that is peering up from the water would be perfect. My email is sknicholls1@gmailcom. Feel free to shoot me what you come up with. I like the image shwon as it is very elegant with smooth lines and not terribly complex. This is a logo design that will go in the books as well as on T-shirts,swag, my web site and so on. the simpler the better.

  4. Wow. That’s a piece of a history that makes me cringe. Definitely a smart idea not to go there. Personally, I like panthers, but the heron and gator idea sounds pretty cool. Especially since you have a picture to go with it already.

  5. I live the heron idea. Unfortunately, unless heron is the first word there will be no acronym. Otherwise you end up with words like meh or eh or oh. And GBH won’t work. So no acronym, but yes to herons!

  6. Too bad I’m not an artist, and that you got such a small response. I’m surprised, actually. But thrilled that my idea was your second favorite, even though it ultimately didn’t work for you. Here’s hoping you find what you’re looking for!

  7. I thought you had flamingos there too. They are not found everywhere else, like the blue heron. You also have the alligator snapping turtle which is a cool animal. The night heron is also a cool bird, and his name is pretty cool too. I knew about the old jokes involving gator bait, thought you did too.

    • Nah…I didn’t. I’ve got my heart set on the heron and gator. I’m looking for a professional artist to commission. The stock images aren’t grabbing me. They don’t offer the realism I’m hoping for. This is an imprint I hope to use to identify my books for a very long time, so I want it done right from the start.

        • I may have to tap ya. I’ve got two calls out to artists and a guy in my vaping circles does illustrations, so I’m giving him a go at it. We’ll see what we come up with, then I may need names. I have a publicist, but really haven’t started working with her yet. She’s kinda irking me. Every time I send her an update (twice) she responds by telling me we really can’t do anything yet…until the book is ready.

  8. Love it! I like “brave” better than “great” if that helps. That picture is stunning. She’s very talented. Good luck in your search! You know where you can find an artist? Creative Designers and Artists on FB. There’s over 300K artists (including writers) and I’ve seen some beautiful work there. Just a thought.

    • Thanks Sue. I have a submission I’m looking at now. I like that it is two colors only and very simple lines that can easily be screen printed. If I get too many choices, I’ll never make up my mind…LOL

  9. That’s awful about the gator bait! I’m shocked! How could anyone do that to a child? Ugh! That heron drawing is fantastic… I love it! Something like that would make for great branding, and instantly recognise able. Hope you find your artist!

        • He’s already sent me an image. I’m really struggling with this. Several have offered submissions, but getting a life-like stealthy heron on a menacing gator’s head is a tough challenge. HA! I may go with Dean Kealy’s image. Not exactly what I was striving for, but darn close.

          • No one can see inside your head the image you’re imagining. Its all their own interpretations. Must be difficult getting what you want. Also if it’s a logo it’s going to be quite small most of the time, so detail will get lost. You need it as simple and pared back as possible.

          • Oh and meant to say, dont go for what seems the closest to what you want as in the future you won’t be happy with it. Hold out for what you really want.

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