Book Review: Fulcrum of Malice by Patrick W. O’Bryon

Patrick O’Bryon is one of my most favorite authors. I love his writing style and highly anticipated Fulcrum of Malice. I’ve posted reviews to the first two books in his Corridors trilogy. His award winning Corridor of Darkness and his amazing follow-up Beacon of Vengeance. This is the wrap-up finale and I give this final volume four stars. Not quite as enthralled as I was with the first two, but well worth every moment of my time. If you like pre-WWII stories and espionage, you will love this trilogy.

Blurb: NAZI GERMANY – AUTUMN 1941 Europe lies in chains at Hitler’s feet as midnight approaches in the dark heart of the Reich. Leaving his friends to fight the Nazis in Occupied France, Ryan Lemmon returns to Berlin. Deep in this ominous city of shadows, the American agent conspires with a powerful German spymaster to subvert Hitler’s state. His personal goal: save the life of a loving friend. But threading his way through the menacing streets with a target on his back, Ryan suspects he may have to buy her release with his own death. Fulcrum of Malice is the final volume in the Corridor of Darkness trilogy.


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Book Review:

O’Bryon has a superb knack for creating scene and mood in his work. The characters come to life on a stage that has been set to recreate moments in time, both beautiful and heinous. I’ve enjoyed this trilogy immensely.

The dashing Ryan Lemmon and the hideous von Kredow are etched into my memory as unforgettable players in a pre-war world filled with charm and bounty which quickly evolves to one full of danger and despair. In this final volume, we reach the pivotal point of involving the U.S. and have followed the lives of many seeking to thwart the inevitable and save their own souls and the ones they care for. This final volume was slower in action than the previous two, but the twists and turns kept me glued to the pages.

I would have loved to have followed the journey of Erika and Rene more closely, but there is only so much of a story a book can hold. Marita’s story broke my heart as I thought of the many who lived her pain in real life. As much as I adore Ryan Lemmon, I would have liked to have seen more of him in this final volume and felt the hero’s journey a bit lacking in the end. All in all, it was a very good read. I am certain that I will read this trilogy again and highly recommend it.

Can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Fulcrum of Malice by Patrick W. O’Bryon

    • Some readers are commented on his dark passages, as the torture described can leave you with pain you didn’t know you had the potential for, but his lighter passages are equally as tender. The prelude to war is never pretty, especially the closer you come to it.

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