News from the Sunshine State: Home of Richard Noggin and Brandi

There is no way to explain how busy I’ve been in the past two months. I looked at the blank page and didn’t know where to begin this post, so I’ll probably ramble.

As you know by now, Naked Alliances has hit the market. The eversion can be pre-ordered and will be delivered Friday the 23rd. I’m both excited and scared. I’ve sold more copies of the paperback in the first month than I did with Red Clay and Roses in three years. I hope that’s a good sign.

I’ve been signing copies for the rocket scientist’s friends at work. They are making me feel somewhat like a celebrity. There is a woman who works there and has a friend who writes a column for a newspaper that showcases local talent. She’s going to check on getting me a slot.

My publicist assures me that my anxieties are unwarranted. She’ll be contacting me later this week with more details on what she does and what I will need to do.

I have a list of names of people who beta read for me and will send out emails soon asking for your preferred delivery method…eversion or paperback, or both. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. If you manage to write a review of the final version, I will dance at your next wedding.

For some reason, my list only shows ten and I was certain I had twelve beta readers, so if you don’t hear from me by the end of this week, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and ask me what’s up. I may never know who I’m missing. Sorry about that. Sometimes my brain is scrambled and I think I noted things that I didn’t.

I’ve traveled the state of Florida visiting Native Americans and their homes and communities. I am floored by the information I am gathering with my research and excited to be able to share some of this in my next book. Richard is having a hard time getting Brandi to take her new job seriously.

I’ll be doing the rest of my traveling around in my new Chrysler Pacifica Limited. It’s a minivan transformed and tripped out with all the latest bells and whistles. I call it the grandmother vehicle because it seats six adults comfortably, but there are two back seats which will hold car seats for the two youngest grandchildren in town, and mama, daddy and the oldest grandchild can sit comfortably in the third row, while the RS and I sit up front. It also has room for cargo. The kids can even watch Netflix or play games on dual screens while mama and I work on our laptops. Most importantly, though, my whole six person Pokemon Go patrol team fits in there comfortably with USB ports all around for phones and chargers.

Hey…Don’t judge me. Unlike most old folk in Florida, I don’t play golf, have no country club dues, greens fees, or caddies to pay. I’m not sporting the newest golfing attire and accessories…it’s just my thing to do. I’m socializing and getting out to the gorgeous parks in the sunshine state.

Brandi has been invited to the Lisa Burton Radio Show. She’s looking forward to meeting Lisa soon and talking to you about her role in Naked Alliances. She’ll likely have some things to say about me too. After all, I’m the one who paired her with Richard.

If you liked the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt, you will love Naked Alliances. The setting doesn’t have that small town feel because Orlando is a big city, but Chablis and Brandi were hatched out of the same egg.

<insert cool pic>  (This is where a cool pic of my book on a coffee  table goes but WP wouldn’t let me upload…it errored me out a dozen times, so I’m posting anyway.)

You can pick up a copy to go with your morning coffee at the links provided below. Your purchase will help boost my rankings on release day…or so I’m told. There is a ranking now which was in the 100,000s yesterday morning. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it started out at nearly 500,000, so it’s certainly better. I can’t see how many copies have been purchased through the pre-order. I don’t think I’ll get that data until Friday.



53 thoughts on “News from the Sunshine State: Home of Richard Noggin and Brandi

  1. When The “Volunteer” was in pre-release, there was a section in the Reports area of called Pre-orders that let me see how many pre-orders I had. That’s just for the Kindle version, of course…

  2. Good luck with launch day. One suggestion. I kept getting stuck on the word eversion or Eversion. If you had formated it as eVersion I would not have had a problem. Just a suggestion.

        • So many use iPads now for reading Kindle published books and my last book was on all platforms. This is the first time I have gone exclusive with Amazon. So many times I have had to explain the Kindle app to iPad users.

          • Kindle sales of The “Volunteer” are outpacing paperback sales on the web at a rate of almost 4 to 1. I’ve sold several paperbacks directly to friends and via a couple of unofficial book signings at my local nudist resort, so overall, the Kindle is outselling the paperback by only 2 to 1. I should start seeing royalties from Kindle at the end of this month for July. I’m curious as to how the Kindle Unlimited will work. They call it KENP in the reports, and overall, I’m up over 12,000 pages read over two and a half months. I think they pay about a half a cent a page, on average, but it depends on what they have in that fund every month.

            I’ve read a few books on the Kindle app on my phone, but I still prefer a physical book by far.

            • Wow! I didn’t know you were one of us. My family owns and Operates Cypress Cove Nudist Resort here in Central Florida. I’m familiar with Unlimited but haven’t jumped off that bridge yet.

              • Yep, the nudist angle is what drew me to Naked Alliances. We’ve never been to Cypress Cove, but it is on my list of places to visit. The wife and I have gone to Desert Sun Resort in Palm Springs a couple of times, and we’ve gone to various other places on our family vacations: Mountain Air Ranch in Colorado, ShangriLa Ranch in Arizona, and Sun Meadow Resort in Idaho. But our home club is Bluebonnet in north Texas. I’ve sold 18 copies of The “Volunteer” out there since it is a naturist themed story.

                I tell people that it’s difficult to write “naturist fiction” with any degree of accuracy. Stories need conflict, and those resorts are where most of us go to escape the conflict of our daily lives.

                • Caliante in Tampa is more upscale than our place, more like Desert Shadows in CA, but also much more expensive. We are a family friendly laid back resort with nice amenities, but not a lot of fru-fru. Yep, but there is always conflict if you live there. I lived at Cypress Cove for six years. Everybody knows everbody’s business better than they do. We have both residential and transient patrons with the double-wides, condos and RV Park. I’d like to learn more about your book. What genre is it, or is it literary?

  3. I posted your review, and Lisa is trying to get home for her next broadcast tomorrow. (I’ll post that story this evening.) I was going to explain how to see your presale results, but it looks like someone already did. So many of my friends are releasing something this Fall it’s kind of an exciting time. Best of luck with it.

    • I know that feeling. I feel so bad. I am scanning through my emails and reading familiars, but rarely have a moment to drop a line. I feel bad. I’ve got to get better about it. I think some folk have stopped dropping by here, cause I haven’t commented on their pages in a while. I try to “like”, but those are so impersonal 😦

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