Snippet of Naked Alliances Audio Book

I’m so excited to have the audio book of Naked Alliances well underway. Steven Barnett has a fabulous knack for voice-overs. Working with Steven on the audio book is great fun. I finally figured out a way to share a sample with you.

Each character has their own unique voice and Steven has just the right amount of animation and enthusiasm for reading to make the book hard to stop listening to. It’s interesting, entertaining, and holds the attention. I’ve bought some audio books that nearly put me to sleep with monotone reading.

Naked Alliances will not do that…I promise.

Through ACX, the audition piece was uploaded. Eight people auditioned and it was interesting to hear the different voices reading. Steven’s audition stayed on the top at all times. This took only a couple of weeks. After my husband listened to a few of the best, he was in full agreement that Steven’s narration had won, hands down.

I made him an offer. I was willing to give him to mid-February, as ACX recommends three to six weeks to complete edits. Steven was confident that he would have the book ready before the end of the year. He declined the offer, not wanting it to drag on that long. After listening to a couple more chapters with varying voices, I felt assured that he could pull this off and made him another offer, which he accepted. I’m delighted to be able to report that this project is working out exceptionally well, and can’t wait to get this audio book on the shelf.

Steven is most professional. He’s uploaded the first four chapters of the book to ACX along with the Intro and Acknowledgments, as well as placed it onto Google Drive to assure we have back-up in case the unexpected happens. I’m also keeping the downloaded files on my computer.

While fiddling around with some software I purchased today to make book trailers, I created a little YouTube video of the first chapter and posted it below. Please bear in mind that I am no expert with this new software and was only able to figure out how to post the cover and sound.

If you’ve any interest in the book, you have probably already read the first chapter. You may want to give it a listen to see how the narrator sounds. Or you may be intrigued enough with his reading to purchase the audio book when it becomes available. I’ll keep you posted.

The audiobook download should be ready for sale on Amazon by December 30th as a digital download. My daughter is also helping me make CD copies through CDBaby. I had to give up my 40% royalties via ACX in order to go non-exclusive with ACX, instead taking 25%. That seems like very little, but the whole point is to get the books out there in as many formats as possible.

For me, it’s not so much about raking in big bucks as it is about becoming a known author, and reaching all possible audiences is a huge part of that. The digital download file will be available on Amazon, but the CDs will not. I’ll have those in hand to sell at book signings and events.

Of course, if you’d like a copy when they become available, I’d be happy to mail you one. I don’t know what the price will be yet. ACX sets that for the digital download. I’ll know more about the cost of the CDs once I get that project underway.

Hope you are having a happy time preparing for the upcoming Holiday Season. My shopping is all done and I’ve got to finish up the tree and snow village. I’m doing a mini blog tour via some very kind author friends who have allowed me space on their sites to promote. I am most grateful to each and every one of you. The guest posts are all out now and I still have some interviews to email out.

Look for some book reviews to pop up here soon. I’ve finally got some time to read while prepping the audio book. I’ve decided not to begin writing again until after the New Year. The outline for Book Two in the Naked Eye Series is uploaded to Scrivener, I’m waiting until after our Vegas trip in April to get the first draft completed.

Do you like listening to audio books?

My husband listens to them on the way to and from work. They keep him from getting too frustrated in the Orlando traffic.

Have you worked with anyone to produce an audio book? What was your experience?

47 thoughts on “Snippet of Naked Alliances Audio Book

    • More and more folk are buying audio books now. I’m hoping to get exposure with this that keeps the series moving. Steven is an awesome narrator and I hope he sticks with me throughout the series.

        • I’m less concerned about the money than I am about providing the books in as many formats as possible to increase chances of reaching a broader audience. So many people these days are just too busy to sit down with a book.

          • I agree completely. Once your footprint expands you can worry more about any income. I just started breaking even on my stuff, and still spend more on my blog art. I’m willing to spend a bit more, but if you have three month numbers it might convince me.

            • I wrap up with my publicist this week. There are some more reviews pending and she will let me know when those post. I can’t say that’s money I would spend again. It may be too early to tell. My sales occurred mainly with the launch, and most of the people who have written reviews I’ve met right here in my tiny little corner of the blogosphere. Several came from people in my Pokemon Group that bought copies, and a few came from folk my husband knows through work, but there have been a couple that came from complete unkowns to me. I’m wondering if they were from the Amazon promo I did. I’m going to resubmit to ENT soon and see if I can reach some more folk. Problem there is that the audience is mostly 35-65 year old females…and many of them are looking for heart-warming stories or romance novels. Not exactly my target audience, but we’ll see.

    • Great! I wasn’t able to connect with Brandon. I would have certainly given him a fair shot, but Steven is working out very well and I greatly appreciate you for the connection to ACX.

        • He grew up in Polk County Florida and lives between Kissimmee and Orlando now. He’s very familiar with the cultural diversity here and the old world, new world Florida order. He’s having fun with this book and enjoys what he does. That really shines through in his narration. I love the inflections in speech. Perfect for the book. Steven says he’s as comfortable at a strip mall in the city watching crazy tourists as he is out in the palmetto scrub watching white tail and birds. Knowing Florida well, but being most articulate makes for an interesting narration.

    • Thanks Jill. I’m feeling the same way about my reading time. I used to read at least four books a month and now I’m good to read one every four months. I can listen while I do other things though.

  1. How fab! I wish I had time to listen to an audio book now and then, but I’m never in the car long enough to get through a chapter. 😉 I have to dedicate myself to listening so I can’t be doing something else at the same time.

    Best of luck with this.

    • Thank you. Whenever we drive over to Sarasota to put the boat in the bay we listen to audio books (or old time radio). It’s a two to three hour trip. Once I’m all wrapped up in the story, if it’s not finished by the time we get home, I make time to listen to the rest. Other than while riding or driving, I can get a few chapters in late evenings or early mornings before or after I’m off the keyboard. I can’t concentrate on the stories when I’m trying to work. I end up not working and just listening.

  2. He does a great job! His voice and your writing really pull the reader (listener) in. I hear audio books are increasing in popularity. Have a good holiday.

  3. I have an aunt who doesn’t like to read, but loves to listen to audio books. I’m actually the reverse, preferring to read, but I have bought a few audio books over the years. The voice of the person doing the reading makes all the difference,and Steven definitely has a great voice. Congrats, Susan!

  4. I so enjoyed reading this. I have a lot to learn from you. I’ve published two books – all of my reviews came from bloggers who’ve ‘met’ me and my writing from my blog, and from friends who took a chance, bought my books on Kindle, and reviewed. Then I published the books as softbacks, and got more readers (a lot more readers, which is interesting) and more reviews. Reviews are so important, but it scares many people – the idea of going on Amazon and writing something. Quite interesting. I would really like my books to also be available as Audio books, so will learn how the process works for you. I met a man who lives nearby me (New England) and is quite a successful voice over reader, so I’d have to hire him separately (not through ACX). I need to find time to use the ACX auditions and get going. Hmm, wonder if Steven is available?? 🙂

    • You can upload your own narrator on ACX. You don’t have to choose one of theirs. You can even narrate your book yourself and upload it. It’s sort of like KDP for audio books. The ones who read in a studio have a much better sound quality to their voices, More clear and concise. I chose a professional reader and he just happened to live near me. Imagine that. Readers are from all over and he happened to live in Orlando. Good luck with your book. Sounds like a successful start. I get good downloads evertime I put my books on Promo with EReaderNews Today, but have to drop it to 99 cents, and seldom get many reviews from those folk. There is a book club that offers reviews. It’s sort of taboo review trading. You have to read and review so many books a year and others can choose your book. It’s call Rave Reviews Book Club. I haven’t joined. Been thinking about it. Wanted to see what I could do first. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. Glad it helped and good luck with getting your book up as an audio. BTW…the way the system works, you can browse and send a message to anyone on ACX and listen to samples. People will volunteer to audition. Have patience and don’t jump at the first one that comes along. It took two weeks to secure eight auditions to choose from. A friend did it and only got three in a month.

    • Thank you. It is entertaining. I know the story already and I can’t stop listening. Can’t wait to get get more chapters to listen to. I’ve gone through eight already and I want more…lol

    • Misha Burnett had his books done in audio books. Many books my husband reads (two or three crime novels a week) come as audio books and we listen to them when we are on the road. He listens on his commute to and from work. They are becoming more popular every day…people are busy, busy, busy. Love stories, but can’t find the time to sit and read.

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