Update on Naked Alliances by S.K. Nicholls

Rant: Don’t expect me to follow you back if you don’t have a “Follow me by Email” option on your blog. I read my email several times a day. I never go into my Reader. I love engaging with my audience. Make it easy for me. Rant Over. (Notice the new message in the side bar.)

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…I have news:

Naked Alliances is going on sale for $0.99 on January 15th. This is coinciding with an ENT promo which will start the same day.


I’ve never promoted a book in this genre. The historic fiction did well with ENT. I understand that FaceBook, where ENT gets most of its traffic from, has a high population of females 35-55 years of age. I’m curious to see how Naked Alliances does there.

Don’t despair if you miss that sale. I tried to get the Fussy Librarian to run their promo at the same time to no avail. The dates were already taken. So there will be another sale February 12th.

I’ve never run two promos so close together, and yet so far apart. Good to see ROI this way, I suppose. Though many people subscribe to both, I may be able to reach a broader audience in this way.

However, if you want a real treat and have the money to buy the audiobook, I implore you to get your copy of that when it goes on sale this week. I won’t be able to set or alter the price of the audiobook for promos. That’s set by the retailers, but it will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

If you really want to support an author…go out there online and purchase your copy at the whopping price of $2.99 for the digital copy or $14.50 for the paperback.

As his pulse-quickening quest for answers leads from the dark corners of Orlando’s Little Saigon to the sunny exposure of the Leisure Lagoon, Richard Noggin, P.I. will be put to the test. Just how much will this Naked Eye have to bear…or bare?


That will also improve our rankings so the people coming along for the sales will see what a great seller it is and perhaps be influenced to buy.

Stay warm. Peace.

39 thoughts on “Update on Naked Alliances by S.K. Nicholls

  1. Good for you. Running two promotions at the same time is not a good idea since you have no idea which one works. This way you can look at sales from the ENT period and then from the time in Fussy Librarian and figure which you would do again. Maybe both or one or the other.

  2. Your marketing skill are very interesting as I’m trying to market a book myself these days. I may have to pick your brain soon! Yes. I follow by email also and hardly ever look at my Reader much anymore. So little time…~Elle

    • I want to see everybody and chat…but if it’s not under my nose, I’ll miss it. I’m working on getting some booktuber reviews as well and would be glad to chat with you about marketing any time. I usually post what I’m doing on my blog and the results. I can’t say the money spent on the publicist was not worth it. I didn’t see sales during the blog tour, but the posts are out there if anyone wants to seek out the info…so on the long road, there’s a payoff we can’t measure.

      • I’m trying to play catch up after getting the book published. It’s so time consuming. The promoting and marketing, I mean. I’ll be in touch and I’ll go back and read some of those posts of yours I’ve missed. ~Elle

        • Don’t feel too bad. My Christmas tree is still up. It kinda feels right now that the colder weather has moved in. I hyaven’t gotten anything but this post done today and my kitchen is a mess from the veggie/beef/barley soup I made, and there are still clothes in the dryer from two days ago. People tell me all the time that I come across as well-organized…lol…if they only knew.

    • Your’s must work. I’m following you. 😉 If anything I’m doing can help someone else get started or progress I’m all for that. I’ve leanred everything I know from other bloggers. I don’t know how people do it that don’t have a blog. I met a girl at the vet today that published a book a month ago and I asked how it was doing. She said she had only sold a few copies…mostly to family. I asked if she blogged and she didn’t. I strongly advised her to get started ASAP and gave her some links/blogs to check out.

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