Last Day Naked Alliances 99 cents #RRBC and Plight of Getting Reviews Seen

Trouble With Reviews

I was checking on the possibility of any new reviews on Naked Alliances today and was quite surprised at what I found. Maybe you all have spoken about this before and I just missed it. All 19 of my reviews are there, but when you first arrive at the page, you can only see the 13 “Verified Purchase” reviews. At first, I thought Amazon had removed some of my reviews. Ionia Froment, a TOP 1000 Amazon reviewer, had reviewed my first book, as well as this one, and I suspected Amazon struck her review.

However, on further inspection, with TWO MORE (obscure) CLICKS, one to get to an all in order first to last page, that shows all 13 verified purchase reviews, and another (even more obscure) click to get to “See all 19 Reviews” that show the non-verified purchase reviews. WTF?



Why is Amazon making it harder to see our reviews? Many people don’t know to continue clicking on to get the other reviews and many authors sell more books by hand from a box they carry in the trunk of their car from place to place than they do online. There is no way to prove they are purchases. One would think Amazon would want all reviews to show, especially from their own top reviewers.

Enough about that.

Last Day 99 Cent Sale:

I’m letting you know that today is the last day of the Naked Alliances 99 cents sale, so if you’d like a copy and haven’t grabbed one yet, now is the time to do it. And by all means, be sure to write a “Verified Purchase” review if you do, and help us get the word out.

23 thoughts on “Last Day Naked Alliances 99 cents #RRBC and Plight of Getting Reviews Seen

  1. I was talking to a reviewer friend about this. Amazon seems to be defaulting the view to ‘Verified Only’ reviews. This is probably to show who bought them directly from Amazon. I think this is also a misdirected attempt to minimize reviews that can’t be proven as 100% honest since there is no record of the purchase. Somebody there needs to remember that people can get books from libraries too.

    • Exactly, libraries, author direct sales, borrow from a friend…there are so many ways. I guess they have to respond to the public in some sort of way when they complain about dishonest reviews. At least they aren’t snatching them down…but as obscure as it is to find the non-verified, they may as well be. I had to show my husband where to click to find them. He was looking at a few reviews on a possible purchase and could not see what I was talking about. I had to lead him through it. Most customers probably won’t go through a lot of effort to click through to see them all.

      • I wonder how common the dishonest reviews are these days. At least compared to the honest ones. Those who do the dishonest ones don’t seem to be very subtle, so I’d imagine they’re easy to catch. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on too. Makes me fear that the unverified reviews don’t even count toward the rankings.

  2. I only click through to check my own reviews. I doubt purchasers will care all that much. It happens when we do beta reads, ARC reads and such. Your recent review does not show as verified on my book. I doubt mine does of Naked Alliances either.

    • It doesn’t unless you click through to find it. Sad. I guess this is Amazon’s way of 1) Encouraging authors to only sell through them, and 2) weeding out the “dishonest” reviews without snatching them totally from the page and risking a law suit or further flack. Still, you’d think they would want everything up there that could possibly sell more books.

      • They feel like reviews from consumers are more accurate than those of friends. I can’t disagree with them. I’ve purchased books that I beta read, just so my review will post as verified.

        • I have done that also. I didn’t think to do it with yours. We have Kindle Unlimited also, but I try to remember to click “Buy With One Click”, when I’m picking up a book from an author I’m trying to support. I don’t always get to what’s in my Kindle right away, and I want the author to get paid right away, not have to wait on me to read it. Amazon owns CreateSpace, so they know any books sold to the author for resale are actually verified purchases as well. Doesn’t mean the reviews are dishonest.

          • It doesn’t mean the reviews are dishonest at all, but it has happened and I understand that too. I’m not worried about the sale. One book isn’t going to break me. I freely give my stuff to friends all the time.

  3. Reblogged this on Finding Myself Through Writing and commented:
    Aww…the pain of seeing your reviews. As Susan explains it, Amazon is making it harder for authors to get ALL their reviews front and center! Read Susan’s article so you understand what is happening and pick up a copy of her latest book – Naked Alliances – on sale one more day for .99! Thanks for the info Susan! ~Elle

  4. You never know where you are with them. They dont value authors at all. Still, I appreciate the opportunity they provided to write and publish my books. I won’t but all my eggs in their basket, though. Or my books… 😁

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