Unknown and Unown

We’re headed to Vegas the first week in April. It’s all research for Book Two in the Naked Eye series. I’m learning more about gambling as an industry than I ever thought I would need to know. I’m hoping this trip will get me out of my stuck place.

I knew how I wanted to start the book, but I’ve rewritten Chapter Two twice and just not happy with either direction it went. I have a plot, a couple of sub plots, characters, motives, some conflicts, but haven’t quite figured out the action scenes to pull it all off. I’ve also revamped my outline twice. Fear of the unknown…my anxieties are off the charts.

Sadly, I thought I would have the first draft finished by April, but unless something really sparks soon that’s not going to happen.

Admittedly, I’m distracted by Pokemon Go and other life activities…grandkids/birthdays. It will be good to get away for a little while. I have two FB groups I started and admin for in Pokemon Go and just got another admin so things should ease up there. We have 350 people in our battle group. There are about 30 hardcore players in my neighborhood and we play together daily in one capacity or another.

I’m failing miserably with RRBC. I thought I could be on the Tweet Team, but Sleuthfest last week and all the other activities of my life this week resulted in me forgetting to do my job there. I must get three or four emails a week from them and I can’t keep up with all the things they want us to participate in. I almost always see the emails long after the event they want me to attend is over. I’ve read a couple of books and still haven’t written the review for the last one. Plan to do that today. I joined some contest and sent in the required materials, but have no real clue what it’s for….lmao. Seriously, I can’t keep up.

When I get excited enough to start new projects and I can’t give them 110%, I fall into a melancholy place. That’s sort of where I am right now.

Sometimes I don’t even get my emails read for days, which explains why I’m often posting comments on your three day old blog posts. I haven’t been able to get around the internet like I used to either.

I’m doing my first countdown deal on Naked Alliances Book One, so it would be a good time to grab it if you missed the earlier promos. I would love to get some reviews on the audio book. Thirty people have bought it so far, but not one review that specifically focuses  on the audio book. 😦 And I thought Steven Barnett did such a fine job, I was certain he would have been praised for that. Actually, I’m stuck at 21 reviews and haven’t had one since Feb 23rd. That is likely affecting me also. I so wanted at least fifty before the next book comes out, hopefully this fall. It might be delayed until after Christmas if I can’t swing into high gear.

But this made my day:

Trophy Pokemon

It’s an exceptionally rare pokemon, more rare than ultra-rare. Me and about fourteen other people chased it down this morning. Unown is an extremely rare Pokémon that lives in its own dimension and rarely ventures outside. There are 28 of them representing the alphabet and the question mark and exclamation mark.

I’ve figured out how to have Brandi playing Pokemon Go in my next book and how that plays into catching the bad guy. I’m hoping I can execute it in a way that is not alienating to people who don’t play the game. It’s interesting to try and find the right words to convey activities taking place in an augmented reality game. My Beam Team helps me out there. They’re mostly in their thirties. I’m the only grandparent on the team. I figure if I stick to the basics and don’t go too deep with game lingo it’ll work out fine.

Do you play any video games? If so, what’s your favorite, and do you play online or multiplayer games?

Also, is anyone having trouble with the WordPress notifications pages? Mine errors me out every time I try to use it.

36 thoughts on “Unknown and Unown

  1. I know what you mean about plot points and what-not not falling together. I hate that part too. It’s tough, but I often find that lying in bed at night thinking about it long enough will make things eventually all fall into place, and then it’s magical. I’m sure you’ve experienced that too. No doubt you will get there before long. Have fun in Vegas! Another blogger was talking about taking trips as research and wondering if she could comp them on her taxes. Is that your plan?

    • You can if you make enough money with your books. The IRS still has me in the “hobby” class with my income…lol I lie in bed and write wonderful stuff in my head. I try to write it down right away, which sometimes means getting up and going to my desk…other times I fall asleep and can’t recall it in the morning. Can’t count the number of times I’ve been frustrated by that happening.

      • I guess “hobby” class means no write off? I find myself trying to repeat the ideas over and over in my head in hopes I’ll remember. Usually works! Or I keep a pen and paper by the bed to jot notes. I used to have a mini-voice recorder that I used, but it stopped working. Maybe just as well. The beeping disturbed my husband. Now feeling suspicious about how it “broke.” 😉

  2. I admit I’m not a video game person at all, and the only thing I know about Pokeman Go is the hype in the news. That said, there are things that “click” for all of us, and if this is yours, then I say more power to you in reaching out to like-minded individuals.

    RRBC has a lot going for it and I was overwhelmed in the beginning too. Small steps lead to bigger ones and eventually it makes sense,
    Have fun with your research trip. Vegas is a great one for that! 🙂

    • I’m terribly forgetful. Especially if I get caught up in something else. I get emails in the morning and forget what’s going on by noon. My husband keeps trying to get me to use my alerts on my computer, but I forget to make an alert…lol

  3. Vegas is awesome. Walking the strip is an experience that you won’t get anywhere else on Earth. I advise making sure that you get to catch the Treasure Island show, the fountains at the Bellagio, Caesars Palace (especially the FAO Schwartz toy store) and the roller coaster at New York New York.

  4. I hadn’t heard of RRBC. I had to google it. Sounds like a great site and a good idea for authors, but like you I worry I’d fall behind in reading the books. I can barely keep up with my TBR pile as it is!

    • There is so much to it besides reading the books. They want you to participate in several things each week and comment, video presentations, blog tours, other author promotion stuff, and in turn, you get promoted…but I’m having trouble finding time to dedicate to it. I understand it’s awesome once you get set up with them. I agreed to the Tweet Team and all I have to do is send out tweets twice a week to promote about thirty authors just by tweeting a one-liner. It takes about fifteen minutes for me to do it. I just forget.

  5. I can’t wait for book two, but don’t push it. I want it to be perfect 😉. What is the allure of Pokemon Go that makes you want to use your time that way? So curious!

    • It’s instant gratification to catch all the pokemon. There are more than 250 now. I’m at 220 in my collection. But I have lots of strong powered duplicates for fighting in gym battles. It gets me out of the house and into the city parks meeting new people and seeing new sights. The pokemon nest at various places you travel to. I was getting stir crazy cooped up in the house 24/7. I’ve actually caught 17,446 pokemon as of this moment, and hatched 1413 eggs. I have walked over 1000 km. (You transfer the pokemon with bad move-sets or stats back to Professor Willow.) There are small goals along the way to keep you interested, and they change things up to keep the game exciting. Some people play bridge, golf, or collect dolls…I play pokemon. 🙂

      • Yes, it makes as much sense as the other activities haha, but it seems to be so intense that it puts the activity ahead of work, writing, etc. Farm Heroes I can just set aside and go do what I need to do. You can’t do that with Pokemon Go! You sound like some sort of PG champion!

        • I only log on a couple of times day. And go to parks about twice a week. But they do call me the Dratini Whisperer because they seem to come to me…lol Actually I have a tracker map, so I know right where they are when they come to my neighborhood. It’s kind of a cheat, but I don’t spoof to get pokemon or steal gyms. It’s fun. But it is certainly not my whole life. Lately, with all the grandkids having birthdays, one right behind the other, that’s has been my life…lol

            • My husband goes to parks with me on weekends, and occasionally battles gyms. He has his own account. There is a group of about thirty of us in my neighborhood, all ages, that meet up to battle gyms. There are 311 in my local FB Valor Team group that meet up to hunt and check out the nests that are always migrating.

                • We have map trackers and team patrols, we can see all the gyms in Orlando and which team owns them. I’ve heard it’s a lot more fun to play in a city than a rural area. The more cell phone pings, the more pokemon appear. Our parks are filled up with people playing and we have a magical place near me, a huge park that spawns all the rare and ultra rares and uncommons. When an extremely rare pokemon appears, we alert each other via FB notifications and it’s a race against the clock. You can have anywhere from 1o mins to 30 mins to get to the pokemon. If it’s on a lure at a pokestop in a park you have 2 1/2-3 mins. The parks have anywhere from ten to twenty-five pokestops. You get your balls and other special items from the pokestops, and incubators which hatch eggs with good individual stats….then you evolve them using candies from pokemon with bad stats that you’ve transferred to Professor Willow. Only, I’m not playing the game very efficiently. The dex will hold 1000 pokemon….and I have amassed 1000 great pokemon with stats of 85%, or better. I worked hard for my pokemon and I don’t want them to die, but bringing them back from fainting costs lots of revives that are very hard to collect from pokestops. Most people who play the game use their pokemon in gyms and let them die and catch more pokemon. You get star dust for the pokemon you catch and the gyms you’re in. I’ve grown my collection of great pokemon so big that I have no room to catch more pokemon and therefore can’t get any stardust anymore to power up my best ones…..lol I’ve probably told you more than you really want to know. I wrote one chapter this week, and now I’m culling my pokemon. This weekend I’m taking my pokemon out on a suicide mission to destory all the Instinct and Mystic gyms I can. And then, rather than revive them, I will let them die, so I can catch more, and get more dust for the big gym defenders. And next week, Niantic will change the rules and alter the terms…pokemon I love and have kept will get nerfed and be worthless, and pokemon I got rid of will get buffed, and become valuable. And I will cry real tears and curse.

                  • Wow!!!!!!!! Since you are writing mysteries, maybe you would be interested in this and not put off: a woman here in Phoenix was playing Pokemon Go and some men came up to her in her car and shot her in the head (I think she will be ok, but that was just the last I heard)! Maybe you could put some Pokemon Go in Naked #2 :)! How do I tell when I go to the park who is playing and who is not?

                    • Oh, around here, you will know…something great spawns and everybody shouts it out and goes running. Mostly tho, you just see people walking around with their phones, spinning curve balls with their pointer finer on their phone…lol I read about the guy who was battling a gym at his community Center and the security guard (who was not supposed to be armed) confronted him late at night. The guy didn’t speak English very weel and the SG thought he was being hostile and shot him five times. He was an old Asian man who immigrated to this country so his family could have a good life. He played Pokemon so he could relate to his grandkids who also played. So sadn. I hope that SG goes down for murder.

                    • That took my breath away. What a horrifying story! How awful! I think that I have been oblivious and people must be playing around me and I don’t even notice!

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