Best Laid Plans


Did some house cleaning and renovations on the blog to kick off the New Year. That Orlando cityscape was more than I could continue to look at being faced with the daily compromises of city life. Yes, it has its conveniences, but I am soooo ready to be inconvenienced.

To that ends, once Irma passed by, we rallied to get some actual home renovations started in an effort to prepare to sell this house. We started with one bathroom, which led to two bathrooms and one bedroom. And then a sliding door, which led to a dining room that we use as a den. Right now, there are walls torn down and furniture placed everywhere except where it is supposed to be.

Access to my computer has been limited, and I cannot get much accomplished on my “slow as Christmas” laptop or phone. I’ve never been one for resolutions, but I do have plans.

  1. Get the house ready to put on the market.
  2. Get the house appraised.
  3. Get rid of the 50-60 years’ worth of junk in the house.
  4. Stage the house.
  5. Sell the house.
  6. Move to an island.


I’m back to writing book two in the Naked Eye series, which used to be book three.

(A little update on book one. It got a one star review from a lady who once was a blogger friend. Apparently, she feels the word “fuck” is sensational, and not used in the “real world”. Not sure what world she lives in, but it’s a pretty common word…especially in crime circles. I was okay with that. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even tho I felt it was retaliation for a comment left on her blog wherein I called her out on some racist comments she had made on her post, as well as derogatory statements regarding those who are not afforded the socio-economic status she enjoys. Just to be spiteful, she couldn’t stop there. She went back to her review on my previously published book and changed it from 5-star to 2-star and rewrote it. Really? These so-called “Christians” appall me. Honestly, it’s laughable. What an ass she is making of herself.

Progress on book two has been slower than expected. My trip to Vegas, while informative and exciting, basically let me know that I am ill-prepared to write the book two that I was planning to put to pen. There are far too many layers of depth to the gambling community that I do not understand well enough to make that story as authentic as it should be. Maybe later, when I have more time for research.

But I have to write, so book three has become book two. A case of mistaken identity leads Richard and Brandi into a much more sinister plot. I’m working on my character profiles to add to Scrivener now, and will post those soon.

I would like to have the first draft of this book completed by April, but writing for fun, I refuse to force myself onto deadlines that stress me too much. I want my work to reflect that it was well thought out and not forced.

There is something else I want to add on that note. We did away with our Kindle Unlimited subscription. I am ashamed to have to admit this, but the truth should be told. Most of the books were independently published and unreadable. I’m sorry if people find that offensive. We spent two years picking thru the rubbish piles trying to find decent books to read. We gave it a chance, but seriously…the poorly edited and sloppily written novels to choose from weren’t worth the time we spent sorting through the dribble. Quite an embarrassment. People need to do better.

If you cannot afford an editor, for developmental assistance and proofing, you cannot afford to publish. Your story isn’t worth shit if we have to struggle to read it. It certainly won’t be recommended, and that is how we sell books.

Enough on that.

Recently, I stepped down as team leader and admin for our local Pokemon GO group. We have about 10,000 members in our PoGo community and planning activities and hosting events for large crowds was wearing me thin. I hit level 40 (max) and now have a huge collection of 100% ers that are max combat power. Other than Raiding the Legendaries, I have pretty much gotten off the road with that game.

Brandi, however, has my addiction, which you will see comes in quite handy in the end.


Here’s to spending more time in your company this year.

Peace and good will to you and yours throughout the coming year!

What are your plans for the New Year?

40 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

    1. Good to “see” you. Spending most of the day setting up Scrivener and working on my outline. It’s nice to be back at the PC. Somehow, being back at my desk makes me feel as if I am really working. 😉

    1. BTW…that book isn’t scraped. It just wasn’t coming along quick enough for me. I needed something to fill the gap. It’s been moved to the back burner and there may be some changes….but it’s coming along, albeit slowly.

  1. I thought of you recently, Susan, and wondering if you’d recovered from Irma. I’m glad to know you’re alright, but it looks like you have your hands full with all that rebuilding. What a mess!

    I believe many writers who self-publish are those who simply thought, ‘Hey, this is easy! I just put words down, and there’s my story!’ They have more ambition and determination than they do talent or sensibility. I don’t have a Kindle, but I hate to learn that you actually canceled your subscription because of all that dreck. You’re too busy anyway.

    Best of luck with the new book and, of course, the remodeling!

    1. Alejandro…my husband is very happy we canceled, because he now spends $10+ on books without me getting upset. In turn, he must accept me spending $10 on Pokecoins…so win-win for everybody. Thank you for thinking of me. You are a sweetheart ❤

  2. I definitely hear you on the quality of so many indie books. It drives me mad. I just beta read one, as a matter of fact, that made me say, “God, I hope he hires me to edit this thing because it’s a frickin’ mess!” Sadly, it’s a free country. 😉

    Nice to have you back!

    1. Most of it is Indie , but there is a lot of traditional trash out there also. My husband has been keeping notes on the grievous, and often glaring, errors he’s finding in books. Some of these are by famous authors. People getting out of a car in the parking lot of one chapter, and getting dropped off at the portico at the beginning of the next. Bandits jumping into their car, then shooting out of their truck windows. So there are some editors who need to get better sleep, as well. I suppose an occasional blip on the radar is acceptable, but yes, too many obvious ones and I stop caring enough to continue.

      Speaking of beta reading…I am hoping to need you soon. 😉

  3. Well, there you are, Susan. Several things caught my eye in this blog post: the beautiful banner, your persistence in writing, and that tell-tale line: “Get rid of 50-60 years worth of junk in the house.” I’ve done that with 3 houses in as many years, and I’m not signing up again. Still, you may find enough treasures to feature here or on Facebook. Happy Nooo Year!

  4. A house during renovations–I know that discombobulating state well, first before we sold our house over a year ago and now as we paint and wallpaper our townhome. Definitely not relaxing feng shui, that’s for sure!

    1. As I sit with my back to the large dresser that is supposed to be in our spare bedroom, not our den, I agree. I don’t think I have felt relaxed in this house since the first of summer last year. I cannot understand why some of this is taking so long. Seems like everybody who is highly recommended is always swamped with work. Go figure.

    1. Hi, Cynthia. Thank you. I will never get our landscaping to look as lovely as yours. We are trying to do what we can for curb appeal, but the only thing that blooms here that is able to withstand the heat and lack of water is euphorbia (crown of thorns) and that’s not hospitable.

    1. Secret? Hahaha…I’ve tried giving stuff away, but I have run out of suckers willing to take this stuff off our hands. We may have to try thrift stores. If all else fails, there’s the landfill. XD

        1. Seriously? My husband still has his second car in his shop. A VW bug. And if that doesn’t surprise you, he has all of the teeth from his son that the tooth fairy collected and the ponytail he cut from his head before going off to college at Cornell in the seventies. Not to mention the newspaper article of him streaking naked across the campus of his community college in Sarasota. How do you convince one to part with such things?

          1. It’s a Y-chromosome thing! You double X types just don’t understand! I still have a sweat jacket from high school and only wear it to the gym during cold weather. I also still have a digital clock my parents bought for me when I started high school in 1978. It’s been functioning almost continuously since then! I’ve gone through 5 cell phones in the past 16 years. Never had a ponytail, so I can’t vouch for that.

  5. I’m thrilled to hear you’re getting back to your writing. I look forward to book two.

    That one star review is utterly ridiculous. Nice to know that there is a back story that explains it. The “F” word isn’t the real world? Seriously, that’s utterly ridiculous. I’m not a fan of liberal use of the word, but it’s out there, all too frequently.

    Enjoy the move. Somehow, enjoy the move.

    1. It feels good to regain some focus. I had to get bored with pokemon. They ruined the battles by making gyms too easy to tear down. And now people are progressing thru the ranks too quickly due to Raids. (We call them Raid Babies.) They will never know the pain of the grind.

      The move won’t be for a couple of years. We expect the renovations to take almost a year. We put on a new roof already, but just got started with the interior. Time passes so quickly these days. I said that when I was in my thirties…and repeated it when I hit fifty….but sheesh…now it’s as if I just put the Christmas tree away and I’m doing it all over again what seems like only a few weeks later. I dunno. Weird.

    2. Oh, and that review…lmfao…some lady from New York (another reviewer) left the original reviewer a comment and asked her why she would look at a book about murder and sex-trafficking and then be all offended by the “f” word. She called her out on the whole “Not the real world” thing. So the original reviewer altered her review and removed those words leaving only the word “Nope” in the headliner…and thinned her review down to the basics, rather than all of the pretended “I’m shocked!” BS. Quite entertaining.

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