New Journey

The subtitle of this blog is mybrandofgenius. I started this blog as a writer who wanted to meet like-minded people. I wanted to know where they came from and what they were doing.

My goal was to connect with people who had tried what I was trying to do as an author and to meet readers to find out what they most enjoyed about reading. I needed education and mentors. I have learned much from you. I am grateful.

You all, my followers, have been with me thru thick and thin. I hope you’ll stay with me as I embark on another pathway. I am not abandoning writing. I love it. I feel passionate about writing and my abilities.

I am putting my creative writing on hold while I develop other areas of my life that need attention.

The rocket scientist, Greg, and I are coming to a time in our lives wherein we have reached financial success, but not financial freedom. We are learning that we have been guilty of some stinking thinking.

We are guilty of living a life where we thought to go to school, earn a degree, get a job, work every day, save our money, make “investments”, and retire on our 401k, savings, pension, and SS/disability was the way to success. It was. But it’s not the way to financial freedom.

Do you know the difference?

Financial success means you have worked hard for your money and now you can spend the rest of your life trying not to go broke while you enjoy it.

Financial freedom means your money works hard for you, so you have time to enjoy it.

We have been living under the delusion that you have to have a lot of money to make a lot of money when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our thinking about money had to change. We learned that the best investment we could make, no matter how small, was in our education about money and business, but in a way that paid us to do it.

This blog is about to change. We want to share our journey here. Over the next weeks, months, and years, we will be sharing what we are doing to reach financial freedom and how it is working for us. We hope you will stay with us because we believe it may be one of the most valuable journeys you ever embark on.

If you choose to unsubscribe to this blog because it isn’t consistent with your goals, we will understand.

But I urge you to stick around.

As I have said on my ABOUT page, I have met a myriad of geniuses in the blogosphere.

Thank you for being a part of my community.

17 thoughts on “New Journey

  1. “Guilty of some stinking thinking.” I understand because I’ve been guilty of the same. Now we are digging ourselves out of debt while simultaneously saving for retirement. I’m not unsubscribing! In fact, I think it’ll be interesting to read about your journey. Best of luck!

    1. Good for you. And thank you for the well-wishes, I am already at a point of, “If I knew then what I know now, I could have found financial freedom at least ten years ago. However, we are confident that we are heading in the right direction. Most of our transition has come about through a change in our thinking and moving from an employee/self-employed mind-set to a business systems/investment mind-set. More about that later. Thank you for joining us.

    1. Thank you, Carrie. I thought long and hard about whether or not to keep this author blog. It’s been a while since I posted regularly here. We are so impressed with results and love to help others, so I decided to bring it back to life and keep a journal of our progress.

    1. Hahaha. Thanks, Craig. I didn’t want to startle people by coming on here talking about non-writerly stuff all of a sudden. I’m no expert, all I can do is share my experiences, strengths, and hopes.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve learned. In a couple of years I’ll be able to retire from my state job. My pension won’t make me rich, but it will provide me with the freedom to decide how I want to spend the rest of my life. Earning a little bit more than the pension will probably be necessary, but I will have the freedom to decide how I will earn that extra income because of the pension and that my health care will be paid for in retirement.

    1. That’s what we are looking at now. Greg retires in two years. He could have done it sooner and if we knew them what we know now, he would have. We are learning how to make make money off of OPM (other people’s money) letting debt work for us rather than working to pay off debt. It’s not really so simple, but yet it is. More to come later. Have you read Cashflow Quadrant and/or The Four Hour Workweek? I have the pdfs if you want them, drop me an email. They are part of our required reading. Eye-opening, even for us old folk (maybe especially for us).

      1. Haven’t read them and I’m not sure that I want to. I’m curious to see what you will be blogging about on this topic, but as I said, because of my state pension I will have some level of certainty. It’s just a question of finding things I enjoy that will provide another $20,000 or $30,000 in annual income. Maybe I’ll pour beer at a local craft brewer, work as an usher for the local minor league baseball team. Maybe I’ll manage to make a bit of money with writing. Maybe I’ll even do some legal consulting work — that would be the fastest way for me to get to the income I’ll need once I retire. But will likely be the least enjoyable alternative for me.

  3. It’s great to hear from you, Susan, especially that you’re not giving up on writing! Best of luck to you and Greg in the near and far future! Finances are tricky and fickle. People often think, if they have X amount of money, they’re set for life and all is well. I’ve learned the hard way that’s just not the case. I, for one, am sincere when I tell people I don’t write to become rich and famous. I write because my hyperactive mind commands me to do so and just won’t let me rest otherwise. My mind and all the various personalities I call ‘Guardians of the Cerebral Mass.’ 🙂

    Keep writing and keep fighting!

    1. Oh, yes! Wise words indeed. Wealth and abundance begin with mind-set. It’s often figuring out the “why” am I doing what I am doing that leads to prosperity.

  4. Great post, thank you……………looking forward to learning………..although I am a little late in the game in our “financial” lives.

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