Busy Making Art

I have been painting more than I have been writing. Some of it is just for fun, and some of it is hard work. It’s all enjoyable. Thought I would share some of the things I created since my last post. I’ve really challenged myself to step up my game.  There are about 19-20. I didn’t want to put them in a revolving gallery because the images are too small and I wanted you to be able to see and appreciate the detail. Enjoy.

11X14 on canvas board acrylics: “Face Flower is my take on a Concha Jiménez Puente painting


16X20 acrylics on student grade canvas: “Autumn Reflections”


16X20 on pro gallery wrapped canvas “Misty Tropical Treefall”


18X24 acrylics/textured on student grade canvas: “Steelers Pumps” –Irridecent paints on shoes. Gift for friend and Steelers fan.


11X14 Acrylics on pro gallery wrapped canvas: “Maya Angelou” Gift for yoga instructor, Jai Dev, who often quotes her.


16X20 acrylics on gallery wrapped pro canvas: “Sailor’s Delight”


16X20 acrylics on gallery wrapped pro canvas: “Appalachian Waterfall”


18X24 acrylics on student grade canvas” “Books are Magic”


11X14 acrylics on gallery wrapped pro canvas: 1st commissioned piece for Mark Paxon, “Stronger Than Hate” Inspired by Ben Roethlisberger’s cleats after the Tree of Life Sanctuary shootings–gift for his son.


18X24 Acrylics on student grade canvas (I hate this one…my sky didn’t go as planned.) : “Stormy Rainbow”


18X24 acrylics on student grade canvas: “Sailing Regatta” This started out as a cloud study, but I liked how it turned out, so made it a painting.


16X20 acrylics on gallery wrapped pro canvas: “Spring Gardens”


11X14 acrylics on student grade canvas: “Winter Train”


16X20 acrylics on student grade canvas: “Wild Horses”–I don’t like how the middle horse’s chest and legs came out so it needs a touch-up.


6X16 acrylics on gold-leafed hardboard: “Seven Sand Hill Cranes on Takeoff”–These are new techniques I have been experimenting with.


16X20 acrylics on student grade canvas: “Tree of Life in Enchanted Forest”– This was a special project I did for my daughter. It had to show day and night, have mother earth (in the treetop) a man, a woman, and a baby. It was my first fantasy painting. It also uses some luminescent paints, gold and copper leaf, and glitter, but you can’t see the shiny in a pic.


16X16 metal leaf on hardboard: “Tree of Life” This was my first try at metal leaf and I had to stencil the adhesive. It took many months and was also a gift for my daughter.


11X14 acrylics on gallery wrapped pro canvas: “Kitty” Commissioned piece for a gift. I have since changed some of the colors on the forehead from grays to brown/beige.


12X12 acrylics on gallery wrapped pro canvas: “Rose”

Hope you enjoyed your tour thru my little studio.

On a scale of 1-10, I would say “Maya Angelou” was a 10. “Rose” came in a close 9.

All of these pieces are for sale unless otherwise specified (except the “Winter Train”–it hangs in my bedroom)


21 thoughts on “Busy Making Art

    1. If you go to YouTube and search for Angela Anderson, JM Lisondra, Ginger Cook, Painting with Jane, Color By Feliks, Clive, or The Art Sherpa, they offer free tutorials in acrylics (a lot less messy than oils and easier than watercolors). There are people from all levels, beginner to master, in their groups on FB and Patreon. Their videos are step-by-step, and you can pause to catch up if you need to. Angela and the Art Sherpa offer traceables. I am NOT a drawer, just a painter. When I paint using a reference photo, I use the Rapidresizer website to blow up the image, tape the pages together, then trace to the canvas using graphite paper or white watercolor tracing paper. I use techniques I have learned from these artists. I had no real talent. I used to paint ceramic bisque figurines and dabbled in watercolors and oils many years ago. There are some born with the innate ability to paint. I just have an innate ability to learn from tutorials and follow directions…lol

  1. I am awed by your risk-taking and your art talent. Thanks for sharing these all in one place. I’ve been following you on Facebook in between my prep for memoir launch very soon! 🙂

  2. Wow! Those are incredible, Susan! And now, you have inspired me to return to my own painting / drawing efforts. I used to draw almost as much as I wrote, but I eventually just concentrated more on my literary visions. Once again – you’ve created some beautiful artwork!

    1. Thanks, Alejandro! I dabbled ever so slightly in oils and watercolors a many long years ago. Oils were just too messy and took way too long to dry. I am too heavy-handed with watercolors. I found Acrylics in August of last year and haven’t stopped since. My Kundalini yoga helps keep my creative juices flowing. Glad to hear that I could lift someone up today 🙂

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