Island Bound

Hi, all! May is upon us already and it’s hard to believe nearly half the year has passed already. Time surely speeds up as you grow older.

I have only been able to Paint a few pictures this year as we have been cleaning and packing up to move. We finally found the house of our dreams on Matlacha Island and we close in two weeks. Greg retires on May May 31st. We are Island bound very soon!

In the past few days, I have been writing since most everything except my laptop is packed away and in storage. So there is hope Book Two of the Naked Eye Series gets written after all.

Here are the few paintings I’ve completed this year:


Acrylics on 16X20- Monarchs on Paintbrush Flowers
Textured gel and acrylics with gold leaf on 16X20 hardboard- Japan Alps Spring Thaw with Cherry Blossoms
Gel medium on music sheets with acrylics on hardboard 11X14- Song of Romance
And my favorite of all times: acrylics on 11X14 hardboard- Still life Turkish Coffee Pot with Tangerines

We are truly excited beyond belief to finally be moving to the island and getting out of the city and back to “Old World” Florida. Away from the traffic, the chaos, and the noise. Here’s a look at the back of our new home on the water. It is a double lot with 100 feet of backyard seawall facing west for premium sunset views. Ahhh…….Dreams really can come true.

8 thoughts on “Island Bound

  1. How exciting! Your new home and the surrounding area looks wonderful. Best wishes on the move.

    1. Yes, we are super excited! Is is a gorgeous area and the island hopping on the boat is tons of fun (except I get scared of those sneaky thunderstorms). Thanks so much. Maybe when I get out of this city rat race I’ll find time for both writing and painting.

  2. Good luck with the new home and Greg’s retirement. The paintings are extraordinary! I especially like the hummingbird and silhouette dancers. The music sheet backdrop for the latter is truly unique. Are they doing some kind of tango?

  3. Hi Susan –

    I’ve enjoyed following your accounts of personal adventures and beautiful art creations over the last years (the Monarchs are stunning!). Sorry not to have reached out sooner, but, as you wrote, time races by these days.

    I couldn’t resist writing this note when I read that a new Naked Eye mystery may be coming together for you. Congratulations on your new island home! Do let me know when my favorite Florida private dick makes a new appearance in print and I’ll read it with pleasure.

    Glad to know you and your husband are well and enjoying life to the fullest.

    Warmest regards,


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    1. Awesome to hear from you. I vacillate between wanting to write and wanting to paint. The instant (or near instant) gratification of painting and the arduous tasks of writing, publishing, and marketing, well, what can I say? Blessings to you and yours.

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