Union with the Divine

For a very long time, during my nursing career, my days and nights were most often spent behind institutional walls. After becoming disabled and committing to writing a couple of books, the majority of my time was spent staring at a computer with occasional moments to enjoy a walk through a tropical garden enclosed by a privacy fence. Things that impose limitations give us the opportunity to expand. Now I gaze out glass walls onto palm trees overhanging a canal beneath glorious sunsets. I am in love with the beauty of it all.

Kundalini yoga practice, dedication, and devotion have helped me draw forth creative energy and a life force that has me wondering about my dharma, my purpose in life. If you have a mind, you have a mission.

I have entertained thoughts about writing and illustrating a children’s book. There are times when I think I should open a studio where others can come to explore their creative outlets while I share my experience. Turning my pleasures into a job does not appeal to me at all. I don’t like deadlines or making my life revolve around someone else’s clock.

16X20 acrylics on canvas “Ocean Sunset”

For now, in union with the divine, I’m content to seek out all that is beautiful, study it, and do my best to capture it in some way to be shared with others.  I’m currently enthralled with the sky and the sea. There are pieces of all of us to be found there, universal energy in the motion of the wind and the water. A spectrum of light that penetrates the essence of our souls. And yet, a peace that pulls us closer to serenity.

5 thoughts on “Union with the Divine

  1. I don’t know what exact disability you have, Susan – which, of course, is your personal business. But your passion for art and writing is obvious and makes you an even more fascinating – and critically vital – element of the creative universe. We need more people like you. You’ve certainly inspired me to pursue my long-dormant artistic dreams. I’ve never had any formal art training, but I now figure, ‘what the hell!’ I’m not getting any younger (who does in the real world?) and I’ve reached that glorious point of my life where I want to do what I please – regardless of others’ opinions. The “Ocean Sunset” piece is extraordinary! Please keep painting and writing! The artistic world truly needs fiery souls such as you.

    1. And you! The world needs all people passionate about beautiful things. I am having fun and very happy. Right now I have taken on the challenge of a three-foot by four-foot canvas. It will take me weeks to complete. I am learning so much. I love to learn. How are you doing with your art. You know, there are fantastic YouTube teachers that are free. Dive on in the water. Do your own thing or learn techniques that can help you do your own thing better. If I couldn’t have a creative outlet I would go insane. Good luck to you in all that you do.

      1. Alas, I’ve found another long-lost relative! Who says the cyber-world is all bad? I have no formal training in drawing or painting. I did those paint-by-number pieces as a kid, but got more into writing as I grew older. I maintain a regular subscription to “International Artist” magazine and ordered some instructional drawing DVDs from them a while back. I have James Gurney’s “Color and Light”, which I’ve read several times and refer to often when I try to draw. That book is an amazing source for beginning painters.

        Yes, I will jump into the ocean of unknown artistic experiments and do what I can with my dreams. Thanks for the inspiration, Susan! Best wishes on your continuing ventures.

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