Forbidden. Outlawed.

Unfortunate circumstance.

Yet, you made my heart dance.

Cloud brought down from heaven above

To touch my lips with your love.

Dark and lonely life filled with strife

That you, fair one, cannot begin to understand.

Daring to care and share the joy found in feeling.

“Vulgar,” they would say about the display of our affection.kiss-1

And still you turn to me, and call me your golden apple.

Dropped from a tree with sturdy roots deep in an

Earth you can only wander on with trepidation.

Wrap your ebony branches around my ivory limbs,

You beg, and cover me with your green leaves of envy.

Shield me from that which seeks to separate us.

Bring peace to the minds of those who fail to know

The sweetness of amour in any color of the rainbow.

The livid can die alone and bereft,

Taking their hatred with them.

Freedom forgotten.

Released. Allowed.

~S.K. Nicholls

image: phototbucket

My Brand of Horror: Ghost Story Prompt (Week of October 27th}

This Halloween week’s prompt at the CSB! Come on over and Trick or Treat!

The Community Storyboard

I had to use all of the pictures to tell a story with a poem.

Seven Sisters of the Sacred Hearts

Rented a boarding house near the park

Its cupola a place for praise

Its storied rooms where souls were saved

Its basement beneath all dark and damp

Where a serial killer made his camp


One by one they disappeared

Townsfolk began to live in fear

The house abandoned fell to rot

Scarce a man did miss the lot

A decade later faint and fair

A family came to make home there


Curious child descended stairs

Hears whispered voices chanting prayers

Demon with piercing glowing eyes

In rags of filth to be despised

Did raise his ax without a sound

And in that basement target found


Ghost child met nuns her soul was saved

From hell’s fury but not a man depraved

She wanders now a gossamer…

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Yesterday: Writing Prompt for CSB


Yesterday the world ended

I opened my eyes this morning

And the world had ended as I knew it to be

Today begins the yesterday of tomorrow

I will make it a good one

And my memories will cast no dark shadows on me

Tomorrow is not something that I can control

I will put my faith in the day

And tomorrow the world will begin again free

Happy Birthday From Florida Pamela Beckford!!!


Hallmark has a lot to say and though they say it well

I think that maybe you’ll agree there’s still a lot to tell

So bring on the cabana boys and all the margaritas

We want to share in all the joy and dine on hot fajitas

We’re going to dance the night away and party until dawn

So save your cares for another day and put your glad rags on

Hot water is in the Jacuzzi and the cold is in the pool

RUM!? I’ll have mine in a smoothie, ‘cause I’m a healthy fool!

Steel drums sound by the poolside, palm trees are bending low

There’s a lot that we that could tell, but just a few you need to know

There’s an age when nothing matters but the fun that’s found in friendship

It’s a sort of fun not found easy when you’re hanging with your kinship

We don’t judge on bad behavior, reveal the secrets that we know

We just jump right in there with you making memories to show

So when you look back on your life and wonder where it went

Recall the parties that we had and all the good time spent

I could bring up all the times you really made my day

Or how you calmed my fears and wiped my tears away

But that would get all soppy and maybe make you cry

So I’ll make my final statement, and let your face stay dry

Happy Birthday Pam!!!  We Love You!!!

My Nurse

images (4)

Ah! She comes between me and my white barren walls,

Sometimes solemn, sometimes smiling,

Standing, staring, sometimes softly

Touching while she sings

Not well though, she does not seem to know

I hear her singing,  nonetheless, it is better

Than the absence of song

I had before she came into my room

She used to feed me with a spoon

And hold my cup up to my lips

So that I might take a sip

She wiped the dribbling shame from cheek and chin,

So I might grin with dignity again

Does she remember me?

Does she know that I remember her?

At times, I feel that I am just part of her occupation

At times I feel that I am so much more

She feeds me now though through a tube

It’s not the same and yet it is

I can’t explain just how it is

She accepts it, and so must I

Writing prompt: I thought I saw…an imagination

First try at a little poem in a long while 🙂

The Community Storyboard

I have not been feeling very poetic lately, but I thought I would give today a try.  It is very basic with simple words, nothing too complex on my brain right now:images (10)

I thought I saw a moonbeam on a sunny day

I thought I saw a mermaid swimming in the bay

I thought I saw a unicorn prancing on a hill

I thought I saw a platypus with a long duck bill

I saw a child was reading from a book so fine

Not across the pages but in her little mind

A learning tool, a fantasy, a journey in a nook

I thought I saw the future as she took another look

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Soul Cycle

Fields of amber swaying in the breeze
At a child’s eye height memory of tops dancing
How fast it grew being knee high in spring
Summer passed so quickly gone
Did not see it growing there so green
So long and lush blooming in a blink
Topped out rustling fruits brushing
Against one another sun parched
Wrinkles out its seeds withering
In the heat with age fading soul
Turns gray and returns to earth
Barren deceivingly so for a season
Peeps its offspring through the frost
Green tendrils seeking for a glimpse of sun
For the sake of repeating itself in
Fields of amber swaying in the breeze

~ S. K. Nicholls 1986

Photo by Miriadna.com

I copied this from an earlier post of mine, because I wanted a sunny picture on my site today.