The Forgotten Ones

You all know I am an advocate for mental health. Lockie has some good ideas on how not to forget those who really need us over the holidays or any time. Add your thoughts.

Lockie's Lectern

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I heard a story the other day that touched me to my core, and I thought I would share it here. A lady was talking about her son who was in the local hospital. Her son didn’t have a broken leg, or a bad appendix. Her son had a mental health issue, and he was admitted to get his medications reevaluated.

In our local hospital there is a special psychiatric ward, which is a locked down section of the hospital, and security needs to be in place as some of the patients are or can be violent. Some patients have tried to commit suicide, or are very depressed. Whatever the mental illnesses or issues, this ward has very different tools for patient care. One of those tools is a pool table and a ping pong table. There is also a PlayStation 3 and one or two games. What the ward…

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8 thoughts on “The Forgotten Ones

  1. Thank you Susan, for re-blogging my post. I don’t think many people are aware of these ‘lost people’ in our hospitals, behind locked doors and secreted away, it seems. Perhaps these words can make a difference for some of them.

  2. I never know what I’ll find here, Susan. Your interests are wide-ranging and include more than just promoting writing, this one a case in point. Thank you for mentioning the overlooked – as we remember those in institutions (even prison) whose holiday experience will be of a totally different sort.

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