#ComedyBookWeek is coming – do you want to participate or help?

Ana Spoke has a great event coming up for humor authors and it doesn’t matter which genre you write. Please give a read and see how you can help.

Ana Spoke, author

Marketing funny is hard. If you are a humor writer, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. If you are a humor consumer – it may come as a surprise.

Before I started trying to market my books, I naively assumed that funny should almost sell itself – after all, the biggest blockbusters are usually comedies, and isn’t it a natural for the word of mouth? When it comes to books, however, humor is a tiny category, dominated by autobiographies of famous comedians. In fact, most ebook marketing sites don’t even have a mailing list for it, so I’ve had to slot Shizzle, In into Action&Adventure or YA with mixed results.

I was reminded once again of how few comedy writers are out there when I joined KBoards and saw the invitations for author cross-promotion. They were all either for fantasy, paranormal, or romance. Or the combination of the three…

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3 thoughts on “#ComedyBookWeek is coming – do you want to participate or help?

    1. It’s really hard to find genre fiction humor through the Amazon search engine. It’s all designed to hunt humor written by comedians, not commercial fiction authors. People probably would if they knew it was there, but there’s no category key word to clue people in unless you choose the humor and satire category rather than your genre when listing your book…then that removes you from, say…chick lit, romance, or mystery, thriller, suspense.

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